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Alexander Corvinus
Alexc zps9c579f64
Underworld: Evolution
D.O.B. Late 4th or early 5th century AD
Age 1,600+
Hair color White
Eye color Blue
Species Immortal
Title The First Immortal
Relatives Helena Corvinus (wife)
Marcus Corvinus (son)
William Corvinus (son)
Unnamed human Corvinus (son)
Michael Corvin (descendant)
Eve (descendant)
Status Deceased
Actor Derek Jacobi
Alexander Corvinus, the father of us all.

Alexander Corvinus is a Hungarian nobleman and warlord who came to power during the early 5th century AD. He is the patriarch of the Corvinus Clan, and the eldest and presumably the most powerful of the Immortals. He is portrayed in the Underworld series by Derek Jacobi.


Alexander was a Hungarian nobleman and warlord who had ascended to power in the early seasons of the 5th century, just in time to watch his home village ravaged by a plague. Alexander was the only survivor: the bearer of a rare genetic mutation, his body was able to adapt the virus in an immune response, causing him to become the first of the Immortals.


Alexander Corvinus.

Years later, Alexander married a woman named Helena and together they had three sons, two of whom inherited their father's immortality in its active state, and were thus born immortal. Their third son inherited his father's immortality in its dormant state, and was thus born mortal. At some point, Helena passed away[1].

At some later point, one of Alexander's Immortal sons, William, was bitten by a rabid mountain wolf as the twin brothers were out riding one night. After a long, slow, excruciating metamorphosis, William became the very first Werewolf: a raging, uncontrollable bipedal monster wolf, whose bite passed on his highly aggressive and infectious Lycanthropy virus, making Werewolves of all of his victims. Following this, Alexander attempted to restrain William to contain the outbreak of Werewolves, but was unsuccessful.

Alexander's second Immortal son, Marcus, was later bitten by a bat, becoming the first Vampire. Seeking to eliminate the threat posed by his twin brother's offspring and bring William back to his side, Marcus sought out a dying warlord named Viktor and made a bargain with him; immortality in exchange for his military genius.

During this time, Alexander established a military force of his own, in his own attempt to quell William's plague. While the Vampire Elders waged their campaign to capture and contain William, Alexander chose instead to focus on keeping the war contained from spilling into the mortal realm. Disdaining direct involvement in the conflict himself, his organization of human warriors were dispatched to clean up any Vampire or Werewolf/Lycan bodies left behind after the battles, in order to conceal their existence from the normal human population.

When William was captured by the Vampires in 1202 AD and locked away by Viktor, Marcus partially blamed Alexander, reasoning that his father had done nothing to help save William.

Underworld: EvolutionEdit

By the early 21st century, Alexander is operating under the alias of Lorenz Macaro, and runs his operation from his ship, the Sancta Helena. He meets with Selene and Michael Corvin, a Vampire and Hybrid who are being hunted by Marcus, who beg his help to destroy his sons. He reveals that no matter what his children have become, he cannot help to destroy them.

Alexander has come into possession of Viktor's body, as well as Viktor's half of the prison key that holds William. He is visited by Marcus, who impales him with his wing talon and then a sword, then takes Viktor's half of the key and leaves him for dead.

4171344 std

Alexander wounded.

As Alexander lies wounded on the floor, he calls Selene to him to drink some of his pure Immortal blood. The blood, he tells her, will make her "the future" and is her only hope of being strong enough to destroy the Corvinus brothers. After Selene and Michael leave, Alexander detonates a case of explosives on his ship, obliterating it in the harbor.


Alexander Corvinus is a tired, and world weary old man. He shows great kindness towards Michael his descendent and his Cleaners, but he seems outwardly cold to his Immortal sons, and Selene. He shows admirable dedication to hiding the existence of Immortals from humans.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It is implied by Selene that Alexander could have stopped Marcus because he was "the oldest and most powerful", but Alexander instead allowed his son to wound him, saying that no matter how monstrous the pair had become they were still his sons. This situation therefore would lead viewers to believe that despite his aged appearance, Alexander is likely physically stronger than any of his descendants and quite capable of dispatching lesser Immortals with ease as he is the oldest, and probably the strongest and most powerful of all immortals. It appears that Alexander chose to die, as he made no effort to heal his wound, most likely recognising that his sons would now have to be killed and not wanting to take that responsibility onto himself.

Because of Alexander's death and the slaughter of the Cleaners, the human crew Alexander uses to hide the secret existence of the Immortal clans, humans soon discover the existence of the Immortals, leading to the near extinction of both the Vampire and Lycan races.


  • Corvin or Corvinus is a name assigned by Romanians to those who became warlords, nobles or even a king of Hungary. The first Corvin was John Hunyadi (Ioannes Corvinus), Voivode of Transylvania, Regent-Governor of the Kingdom of Hungary, who married a Hungarian countess.
  • Alexander's name in Hungarian is "Corvin Sándor".
  • As a result of his great age, Alexander possesses extraordinary mental strength and discipline, being able to listen to multiple news broadcasts at once, and being able to differentiate between all of them, and understand them regardless of language.
  • Alexander is multilingual.
  • In the Underworld graphic novel, Alexander is mistakenly identified as being of 12th century birth, rather than of the 4th-5th century.
  • According to the prologue in the novelization of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Alexander's domain was a Duchy and he was known as the "Duke of Corvinus"[2].


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  1. "[Corvinus] turned to look at the elegant face of the massive carving behind him. The Muse's divine countenance was modeled on that of Helena, his long-dead wife and the mother of his children. He was grateful that she did not live to see the monsters their sons had become." ~ Evolution novelization, chapter 19
  2. "None was spared save Alexander, Duke of Corvinus." ~ Prologue, Rise of the Lycans novelization


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