This article contains Notable Quotes made by Alexander Corvinus.

Underworld: EvolutionEdit

  • "The innocent who witnessed, they've been silenced?"
  • "It was never his Coven."
  • "Intimately."
  • "There was a time that I was known by that name. But by any name, I am still your forefather."
  • "For centuries, I have stood by and watched the havoc my sons have wrought upon each other, and upon humanity. Not the legacy I prayed for the morning I watched them enter this world. And a tiresome duty... keeping the war contained, cleaning up the mess... hiding my family's unfortunate history."
  • "You are asking me to help you kill my son? You? A Death Dealer? How many innocents did you kill in your six-century quest to avenge your family? Spare me your self-righteous declarations. You are no different than Marcus, and even less noble than William. At least he cannot control his savagery."
  • "We are oddities of nature, you and I. Nothing more. This a world for humanity."
  • "What ever you have planned for William is futile. You cannot control your brother."
  • "You're wrong. Soon you'll be drowning in Lycans, just like before."
  • "No matter what he's become, he is my son. You are the only hope left. There is only one way to defeat him. Quickly now, before there is no more legacy left in my veins."
  • "The future..."