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Although nearly fifteen centuries old, the Lady Amelia had the youthful beauty and haughty carriage of an international supermodel.

Underworld novelization

Amelia was a Vampire Elder of considerable age and strength and the mother of David. She was portrayed by Zita Görög in Underworld and Underworld: Evolution, and Sveta Driga in Underworld: Blood Wars.


Born in the early 6th century, Amelia was sired by the first Vampire, Marcus Corvinus, to help control the chaos created by Marcus’s twin brother William, the first Werewolf.

Underworld - Evolution (2006).mp4 snapshot 00.06.39 -2017.04.24 18.25.24-

Amelia during William's capture

Amelia supported locking up William in a coffin-like prison in a remote place where Marcus could not find and release him due to William's uncontrollable rage and Marcus's inability to accept that he could not control him. The capture of William could not have happened without Amelia’s help. She became one of three Vampire Elders ruling the Vampire Coven, alongside Marcus and Viktor. She was allied with Viktor, who sought to undermine Marcus’s authority in light of Marcus's relationship with William. Amelia helped found the Nordic Coven as well as the Eastern Coven, the latter of which seemed to be her primary seat of power.

Underworld - Blood Wars (2016).mp4 snapshot 00.50.12 -2017.04.24 17.45.31-

Amelia's blood memory of her son's birth

Around the end of the 20th century, Amelia had a son, David, with the Vampire Thomas. Amelia and Thomas were close and seem to have had an intimate relationship. When Thomas learned of her pregnancy, they both went to the Nordic Coven and remained there for several months, where she gave birth to their son. When suspicions began to grow regarding their whereabouts, Semira was sent to investigate, but by the time she arrived, Thomas had already left with their newborn son and Amelia had returned to the Eastern Coven, keeping their relationship and their son a secret to protect them from her enemies.


Underworld (2003).mp4 snapshot 01.22.25 -2017.04.24 18.32.05-

Amelia being attacked by Lycans

During the events of Underworld, Amelia was at the end of her century long reign, and was preparing to go into hibernation for the next two centuries as part of the Chain, which assured that only one Elder ruled during each century. Having returned from New York by way of Vienna just one day before she was to awaken Marcus, Lycans ambushed her and her entourage on a train they were using to get to the ceremony at the Vampire mansion. Though guards from the mansion were supposed to assist her, she was betrayed by the Coven regent, Kraven, who struck a deal with Lycan leader Lucian to kill all three Elders and gain control of the Covens for himself. She was mortally wounded and bled dry by Raze, a Lycan henchman, as part of Lucian's plot to turn himself into a Lycan-Vampire Hybrid.

Underworld: EvolutionEdit

Cadavre d'Amélia

Amelia's corpse at Sancta Helena

Amelia was seen at the beginning of Underworld: Evolution in a flashback sequence depicting the capture of William, as well as current day events on board the Sancta Helena. Amelia's body was found by the Cleaners, a group of human mercenaries responsible for hiding the war between the Vampires and Lycans, and was taken to the Sancta Helena, a ship on which Alexander Corvinus, the original Immortal, resided. Alexander laid Amelia's body on a table, surrounded by the bodies of Lucian and Viktor.

After Alexander decided to commit suicide, he blew up the ship, completely obliterating anything left of Amelia.

Underworld: Blood WarsEdit

Underworld - Blood Wars (2016).mp4 snapshot 00.10.27 -2017.04.24 18.33.29-

Amelia's portrait

Semira mentioned Amelia and her close relationship with Thomas when he was looking at a portrait of the late Elder in the Eastern Coven's castle, though she apparently did not realise the full extent of Thomas's affection for her.

Underworld - Blood Wars (2016).mp4 snapshot 01.06.17 -2017.04.24 18.46.18-

Amelia blood memory vials

After arriving at the Nordic Coven, Vidar tells David that Amelia is his mother and the Nordic Coven had mourned her death for a month. Selene realized that David is Amelia's rightful heir as the leader of the Eastern Coven, but David refused to believe this until he was given a ring with a drop of Amelia's blood that allows him to view her blood memories, including her capture of William Corvinus, her relationship with his father and his own birth. David later returned to the Eastern Coven and claimed his rightful place as Amelia's heir to the Vampire Council. Having anticipated resistance to David's claim, Amelia had also left vials of blood for the Council members to see for themselves.

Following the defeat of Marius and his Lycan army, David is made one of the three new Vampire Elders alongside Selene and Lena, taking his rightful place as Amelia's heir.

Blood EnemyEdit

Although she doesn't appear in Blood Enemy, Amelia had a brief mention. She is said to often indulge in baths of blood, believing it to enhance her beauty.[1]

Personality Edit

Amelia was a very brave and skillful warrior who doesn't hesitate to fight on the front line with her soldiers. In Blood Wars, it was revealed that she helped found the Nordic Coven and helped them in times of need. There she gave birth to her son David who she loved very much and to protect him from Viktor and the Lycans, she hid his existence, leaving him with his father. Amelia was a just and righteous ruler who, unlike Viktor, cared for her people, who in return loved and respected her. Of the three Elders she was the most noble and benevolent.

Relationships Edit

Thomas Edit

Amelia and Thomas were very close, at one point entering an intimate relationship. Given Thomas's affections for Amelia and the fact he is the father of her son, it can be assumed Amelia was in love with him. She reluctantly separated from him after the birth of their son to keep them safe, entrusting Thomas to care for David and fulfil his birthright as her heir.

David Edit

David was Amelia's only child. As evidenced by her memories and her actions to protect David, she loved her son dearly, weeping when she was forced to leave him. Amelia willingly gave up David to his father to keep him safe from her enemies. However, she took steps to ensure her son would know of her one day and planned to name him her heir, leaving behind her ring with a sample of her blood in the event that she should die and her sword to be inherited by David.

Viktor Edit

Amelia and Viktor seemed to have a cordial relationship. Amelia never expresses hostility or open dislike towards her fellow Elder and she notably sided with him when Marcus protested their imprisoning of William, indicating they held similar ideals. Viktor, in a rare show of emotion, also seemed genuinely upset when he learned of her death, implying they at least respected one another. That being said, it is telling that Amelia chose to conceal her relationship with Thomas and her pregnancy from Viktor and his coven, implying that Amelia may not have fully trusted Viktor, or at the very least, those under him.

Marcus Corvinus Edit

Amelia and Marcus do not interact much, though it is known that Marcus was the one who sired Amelia. Marcus is shown to be angry at Amelia for betraying him in regards to the capture of his twin brother; Amelia, on the other hand, does not seem especially moved by this. Marcus does not seem very upset by her death, but appears to direct most of his rage and bitterness at Viktor, indicating an ambivalent relationship between the two.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Due to being an Elder, Amelia is stronger and faster than younger Vampires. She likely possesses the same skills and powers as other Vampires, but to a much higher degree, including superhuman endurance and healing. She is experienced in the use of crossbows, and is also proficient with swordplay. As with her fellow Elders, Amelia is capable of sorting her blood memories into a coherent record of her reign.


  • Amelia's name is a variant of "Amalia", which is derived from Germanic compound names beginning with *amal; meaning "vigor, bravery" – an apt name for the only female Elder.
  • Like Selene and Sonja, Amelia's great physical beauty has been noted in the novelizations, as all have been compared to "Grecian Goddesses".
  • Amelia's lines in Evolution could not be picked up by the actress's microphone, and so had to be dubbed by somebody else in post production.
  • Amelia is referred to by the title "Elder Princess" on the official website for Evolution.
  • It is possible that Amelia's blood baths in Blood Enemy are meant as a nod to the real life "Blood Countess", Elizabeth Báthory.
  • Amelia is one of the few Vampires shown to have yellow eyes, rather than blue.


For a complete list of images of Amelia, please visit the Amelia images category.


  1. "The aroma of so much fresh blood was intoxicating. Sonja tried to imagine what it would be like to bathe in such a tub; her skin tingled beneath her gown. It was said that Amelia herself sometimes indulged in such luxurious ablutions in order to enhance her beauty." ~ Blood Enemy novelization, chapter 8

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