Board Up the House (Renholdër Remix) is a song from Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. It is track 8 on the Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, and is performed by Genghis Tron. The song can be heard in the end credits.


The streets have gone dark
They've been dark for days
We board up the house
Hide upstairs and wait
And wait
Just outside
We hear awful sounds
Cower in bed
And think of ourselves only
The last lights are all fire
We let the heat thrive
Panicked a week
Starved just as long
We're two signs of life
Our doors are marked
Desperate chants of
"Help will come
Help will come
Can't try to leave
Help will come... finally"
The last lights are all fire
Let the heat thrive
Turn the seas sour
Bleed the ground dry
I won't wait
You'll give up with me
No one comes
And we rot in bed
No one comes
And the boards stay up

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