Vampires performing the Crimson Moon Ceremony.

Here and now, we ask for the eyes of Marcus to see us through this powerful night, as we make claim to the Living Will of Anubis. We plead with the moon's tide to wash away the tired veins of control, and give us the new blood we so desire.

—Lord Clovis

The Crimson Moon Ceremony is a ceremony held under a Full Moon. It is seen only in Underworld: Endless War Part II, and was held at the Paris Mansion, under the control of the Paris Coven.

The Crimson Moon Ceremony seems to have been held with some spiritual intent, at least by Lord Clovis. When presiding over it, he speaks of the "Eyes of Marcus," and the "Living Will of Anubis." It is also shown that it includes human sacrifices.

It is hinted at as being some sort of initiation, as Lord Clovis mentions "With the sacrifice, there is always the Joining," meaning that any of the humans who survive to become Vampires will be welcomed with open arms.

Underworld: Endless WarEdit

The only shown occurrence of the ceremony is gatecrashed by two Lycans, Vregis and Krandrill. The Lycan brothers are looking to reclaim the mansion from years earlier, and to lure out Selene, the Death Dealer who had killed their older brother, Darius. After breaking in, they kill Lord Clovis, but it seems that the human sacrifices and the other members of Clovis's gathering managed to escape as Selene appears and engages the Lycan brothers, slaying Vregis and cutting off Krandrill's arm.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown whether the Crimson Moon Ceremony is a Covens-wide event, or unique only to Lord Clovis and his followers.
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