The Cryogenic Chamber is an Antigen device seen in Underworld: Awakening. It is located within Antigen's headquarters. It is a device designed to hold living specimens who are in a coma, via a combination of cold and pressure. The Vampire Selene and the Hybrid Michael Corvin were both held prisoner there in cryogenic stasis for twelve years before their respective escapes. The chamber can also hold humans and Lycans.

Underworld: AwakeningEdit

Two cryogenic chambers are shown during the course of Underworld: Awakening, one belonging to Selene and one to Michael Corvin. Selene is locked in her chamber for twelve years, until her daughter Eve rescues her by triggering the chamber's Defrost sequence. Selene is then able to awaken and break out of the chamber. For reasons unknown, all of her clothes have been stored in the same room during the entirety of her induced coma.

Selene finds Michael's cryogenic chamber when she returns to Antigen to rescue her daughter, and shoots it to disable the system enough for Michael to wake up and escape. She later returns with Eve, but Michael has already fled the building.


  • The cryogenic chambers in Awakening and the fact that Selene & Michael's characters in the franchise essentially skipped over a period of time while the world around them changed, is not unlike when the Vampire Elders would go into hibernation during their turns in The Chain. The cryogenic chambers are like the Elders' sarcophagi. Selene and Michael were even placed in them upside-down like the Elders in their sarcophagi.


  • ANTIGEN computer voice: "Defrost sequence initiated."
  • ANTIGEN computer voice: "Lowering compression in Subject 1 cryo-chamber."
  • ANTIGEN computer voice: "Defrost sequence complete."


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