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Like the weapons of the previous century, we too would become obsolete. Pity, because I lived for it.
-Selene, on being a Death Dealer in the 21st century.

Death Dealers in the 13th century.

Death Dealers are Vampire warrior to combat the growing spread of the Lycans. The incarnation of the Death Dealers the army of Hungarian warlord named Viktor, after he was made Vampire the Progenitor of all Vampires, Marcus Corvinus. Because of the Death Dealers to Viktor, not Marcus.


Background the, William Corvinus bitte wolf,causing him to transform the first Werewolf the Corvinus Strain. William monster, kill humans in his path.These humans Werewolves themselve began over take the land.William's twin brother,Marcus, later bitte and the first Vampire. Took control William and Werewolves,

Marcus human warlord named Viktor and made exchange his military and the army, Marcus Viktor Immorta

Viktor his human army Death Dealers,and Marcus, and Vampire Elder, Amelia,Death Dealers the growing of Werewolves Vampires William attempts capture six hundred years. Death Dealers killed skirmishes Werewolves,Vampires Death Dealers'1202 AD,Vampire Elders and Death Dealers able William village and Viktor next Death Dealers down and kill Werewolves.Death Dealers killed in the 15th century, Lycan slave named Lucian, the Vampires murder his lover, Sonja, herself the Death Dealers The Lycans and Werewolves the Vampires' castle, and able slaughter living Vampires.The Death Dealers

and attack the Lycans the Death Dealers killed, the survivor being Kraven, leavingVampires to once again army. might of the Old World Coven, and the New World CovenUnderworld.

Death Dealers in Underworld.

The of Underworld shows three Death Dealers hunting Lycans in subway station. One of the Death Dealers, Rigel, is killed volley of Ultraviolet ammunition the Lycans' guns, while Selene and Nathaniel chase down the Lycans. Selene is able to corner and kill one of the remaining Lycans with silver bullets, while Raze shifts into his wolf form and mortally injures Nathaniel.

Selene then returns to the Vampire mansion and speaks with the Death Dealer Weapons Master, Kahn. Later on, two Death Dealers arrive at the train carrying Amelia and the Vampire Council, only to discover they have been slaughtered by Lycans, which is then reported back to Kahn. When the Vampire Elder Viktor learns of the deaths of Amelia and the Council, he immediately has all of the Coven's Death Dealers sent to the Lycan lair hidden under the subway. There, the Death Dealers are initially successful in their raid, however, the overwhelming number of Lycans leads to the deaths of most, if not all, of them by the end of the night.

A small group of Death Dealers are killed not by Lycans, but by Selene, who attacks them when they start shooting at her Hybrid lover, Michael Corvin.

Several Death Dealers from the New World Coven are also killed on the train when Amelia and the Council are massacred, though this is unlikely to be all of the Death Dealers from that Coven.

Underworld: EvolutionEdit

In a flashback sequence in Underworld: Evolution, Death Dealers are shown arriving at a mountainside village that has recently been attack the original Werewolf, William. The Death Dealers are quickly overwhelmed by the number of newly turned Werewolves, however, they are able to find and capture William, and they presumably slaughter everyone in the village afterwards.After the events of the original Underworld, a small group of Kraven's personal guards still remain at the Coven. Kraven returns and gathers what is left of his men, then heads to the Elders' Chamber to kill the last remaining Vampire Elder, Marcus Corvinus. Kraven and his Death Dealers are all slaughtered when Marcus awakens as a Vampire Lycan Hybrid the blood of a deceased Lycan. Any Death Dealers not killed in the Lycan or the Elders' Chamber the rest of the Coven Marcus kill Vampire and burns the building Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Death Dealers are seen in the prequel, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Sonja the Death Dealers attack Werewolves the around the Coven, and the Death Dealers the human the Elders.Death Dealer killed Lucian and Lycans rise up the Vampires the murder of Lucian's lover and born child, over the Coven and destroy the Vampire Council Underworld: Awakenin Six months after the of Underworld: Evolution, human

the Lycans and Vampires,begins Purges destroy last Immortal. Death Dealer,being Selene the Vampires, David, Death Dealers, ready

the Coven Blood Enem Death Dealers in the non-canon novel Blood led Viktor and his wife, Ilona. Death Dealers attack and kidnapping Lycans slaves.Death Dealers attack and killed of humans led Brother Ambrose Viktor attack village the Death Dealers murder Death Dealers Lucian escape the Coven While Death Dealers able to kill the escape, Lucian his Lycan

Elite Death DealersEdit


Viktor and his Elite Death Dealers preparing to face the Lycans.

These Death Dealers only appear in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans as guards of the Vampire Elder Viktor while he prepares to face a group of Lycan's.

Kraven's guardsEdit

After his ascension into the upper echelons of the Coven, Kraven recruited Soren to his cause and has him assemble a small, private organization of like-minded Death Dealers. These individuals would serve as Kraven's personal guard for nearly six centuries and as a result would build a long standing rivalry with the main body of Death Dealers[1] (although they themselves were technically still part of the Death Dealer faction of the Coven).

Kraven's guards are seen throughout the events of Underworld performing various tasks for Kraven, including locking up a prisoner of the Coven and overseeing the arrival of the Vampire Elder Amelia. The guards serve Kraven's corrupt plans to overtake the Coven, aiding him in the murder of Amelia and in making clandestine meetings with Lucian.Many of these men are killed when the main contingent of Death Dealers attack the Lycan den while Kraven and his men are there, causing war between the Vampires and Lycans.

The remaining guards are then quickly killed by Marcus when Kraven tries to assassinate him.

Known Death DealersEdit

  • Kahn (Underworld and Blood Enemy)
  • Kraven (Underworld, Evolution, Rise of the Lycans and Blood Enemy)
  • Selene (Underworld, Evolution, Awakening and Blood Enemy)
  • Viktor (Underworld, Rise of the Lycans and Blood Enemy) Marcus Corvinus (Evolution) Amelia (Underworld and Evolution) Sonja (Rise of the Lycans)
  • Ilona (Rise of the Lycans and Blood Enemy)
  • Soren (Underworld, Rise of the Lycans and Blood Enemy)
  • Nathaniel (Underworld and Blood Enemy)
  • Rigel (Underworld)
  • Mason (Underworld and Blood Enemy)
  • Duncan (Underworld)
  • Kosta (Rise of the Lycans)
  • Sandor (Evolution and Rise of the Lycans)
  • Radu (Evolution and Rise of the Lycans)
  • Ivan (Rise of the Lycans)
  • Erzsi
  • Drago (Blood Enemy)
  • Miklos (Evolution)
  • Heinrich (Evolution)
  • Rani (Blood Enemy)
  • Diego (Blood Enemy)
  • Yoshio (Blood Enemy)
  • Nicolae (Blood Enemy)
  • Vayer (Red in Tooth and Claw)
  • Lazar (Red in Tooth and Claw)
  • Kelyn (Red in Tooth and Claw)
  • Sigurd (Red in Tooth and Claw)
  • Jarvu (Red in Tooth and Claw


  • It is not known if the outfit Selene wears in the films, is a standard Death Dealers outfit, although at least one other female Death Dealer is shown wearing similar clothing.



  1. "The simmering rivalry between the Dealers and Soren's goon squad had endured almost as long as the war itself." ~ Underworld novelization, chapter 5
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