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I used to be married to a nurse. One day, at work, she was bitten. Nobody knew but us. We lived like that for a few years. Then came the Purge. Feds were conducting door-to-doors, and when they knocked on ours, well, she, she told me she loved me, and then she let the sunlight in, and I had to watch her burn.

—Detective Sebastian, on why he chooses to help Selene.

Detective Sebastian is a human detective who appears in Underworld: Awakening. He is portrayed by Michael Ealy.


Much of Sebastian's background is unknown. He was once married to a nurse who became a Vampire after she was bitten during a shift at work. Despite this, the two of them managed to make a life for themselves for a few years without any incident.

Nurse Sebastian

Detective Sebastian’s wife, seen in the Underworld card game

During the savage Purges, engineered by Antigen, federal forces were conducting door-to-door checks for Immortals, and were about to knock on theirs. Rather than be captured and executed in a public spectacle, and knowing that Sebastian would also be in trouble if he was revealed to have been harboring an "Infected", Sebastian's wife decided to take her fate into her own hands and commit suicide to protect him. After telling him she loved him one last time, she opened the curtains and let the sunlight in, giving herself a quick death and sparing her husband any trouble from federal authorities.

As a result of witnessing her death firsthand, Sebastian is sympathetic to Vampires, instead of regarding them as carriers of a disease that must be eradicated, which is the official policy.

Underworld: AwakeningEdit

Detective Sebastian's first appearance in Awakening is at the scene of a mutilated body. While Sebastian has to talk his rookie detective partner out of jumping to conclusions, a Vampire named Selene watches him and eavesdrops on his discussion. Selene takes note of Sebastian's open attitude towards the Immortals, and he catches a glimpse of her.


Detective Sebastian confronts Dr. Lane.

While still processing the scene, Detective Sebastian is called to investigate another report, this time of a breakout at Antigen Headquarters. At Antigen, he is greeted by Dr. Jacob Lane, who tries to misinform him that, while a test subject did indeed get loose, it had been destroyed. However, Sebastian and his partner know that Lane is lying, as they have been sent photographic proof of an Immortal jumping from one of Antigen's windows. Later, Detective Sebastian scrutinizes security camera shots of a woman matching the description of the infected who escaped from Antigen.

The next day, Selene, believing that Sebastian may know something that could aid her in her search for her missing daughter, confronts him in the seclusion of the police station's underground car park at gunpoint. Sebastian, however, remains calm and appears to be unafraid of her, knowing first-hand what a Vampire is capable of without the need for a gun.

In the privacy of the police archives, Sebastian shares his suspicions with her; a few months earlier, a friend of his had sent him files he'd been investigating, detailing hundreds of cases of suspected Lycan discoveries, all of which were mysteriously dropped. This had caused Sebastian's friend to wonder if someone sympathetic to the Lycans' cause may be covering up evidence of their true status. Sebastian adds that his friend then allegedly committed suicide, arousing his suspicions further.

Help! selene

Sebastian speaks with Selene.

As Selene prepares to lay siege to Antigen, Sebastian offers to help and asks her what she wants him to do. On the drive to Antigen, he then reveals the story of his wife and what happened to her, and Selene is sympathetic.

As Selene makes her way up through Antigen, Sebastian secures the outside security desk and guides her through to where her daughter is being taken. When Selene suddenly becomes unresponsive, Sebastian takes it upon himself to intercept a van with Dr. Lane and Selene's daughter in it. While attempting to take on Jacob Lane by himself, he receives a timely rescue from Eve, having come to from the sleeping gas that had been used on her.

Although injured during the fight, Sebastian survives, even managing to kill a few of the Lycans in the company with well-placed bullets. As police are arriving, Sebastian tells Selene that he will send the approaching police units in the wrong direction, thus granting Selene and her companions time to escape.


  • Underworld: Awakening does not reveal whether “Sebastian” is Detective Sebastian’s first or last name. However, the Underworld card game has a Nurse Sebastian card, implying that Sebastian was their last name.
  • Strangely, Detective Sebastian recognizes the name of Alexander Corvinus, despite that the elderly Immortal's existence had been hidden from the Vampire nation. It is possible that he had heard of Alexander Corvinus through his late wife, however, this is extremely unlikely, given the cover-up of Corvinus's existence carried out by the Vampire Elders. It is also possible that this is a goof.
    • An explanation could be that Sebastian and his wife had contact with another vampire who disclosed them some secrets. Andreas Tanis was a vampire besides the Elders who knew about Alexander Corvinus, so it's possible that there were several ones more who had the same knowledge.


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