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The Elders' Ship is a ship used by the Vampires to ferry away the three Vampire Elders after their castle is overrun by Werewolves. The ship only appears at the end of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, and carries the remaining Vampires to a safer place. It is not known where the ship was docked; Tanis and the Elders begin their escape in a smaller boat docked underneath Castle Corvinus.

Underworld: Rise of the LycansEdit

It is unknown what the ship is used for before the destruction of the Vampires' Coven, though the ship appears to have been used previously. Vampire Historian Andreas Tanis drags the hibernating bodies of Vampire Elders Amelia and Marcus Corvinus to the ship, then waits for remaining Elder Viktor before disembarking. By the time Viktor reaches the ship, he has been badly wounded by Lucian, a Lycan with a grudge against the Vampires. Viktor boards the ship and disappears into a coffin to heal his wounds.

According to the novelization, the ship sailed down the Danube and into the Black Sea. Afterwards, the ship may have docked elsewhere along the Black Sea, or they may have sailed to the Adriatic Sea and docked on the Croatian coast (see the map). The Elders eventually made their way overland to Ördögház, which then became the permanent house of the Old World Coven until it was destroyed 600 years later.


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