This article contains notable quotes from Jacob Lane.

Underworld: AwakeningEdit

  • "Many of us have lost loved ones to this. Please know that you cannot help them, or yourself."
  • "There's no cure."
  • "Let her go. She can lead us to Subject 2."
  • "Where is he?"
  • "You will be relieved to know that the situation is under control."
  • "I repeat under control."
  • "Ah yes. There are.... reports to be filed. One of our test subjects escaped. We were forced to put it down."
  • "Only a stray bullet."
  • "Will that be all? I have, a few things to attend to as you can imagine."
  • "Detective, our mission at Antigen is to develop ways of preventing infection, not releasing it into the general population. I lost my son to this disease. There is no room for error with me, with regards to the safety of the public. If something had escaped the authorities would have been notified. You are an authority are you not? Now if you'll excuse me."
  • "Rather than telling me how to do my job, why not take a look at your own professional conduct, that how you continuously endow this creature with human traits has lead to the lax of its security protocols. It's not a human being, it's not your child, it's not to be coddled and pitied. It's a blight of nature!"
  • "And additional inoculations, administered only as a precaution, have triggered side-effects we'd never imagined. Vast increases in strength, muscle mass, self-healing, stamina-"
  • "Harvest its genetic material. I expect nothing from you. I hired you to look after it, and for the most part, you did an excellent job; saving the lives of thousands."
  • "An entire species, saved from extinction."
  • "It's come of age. Everything's worked out, just as we've hoped. You're the first proof of it. I'm proud of you, son. Now that it's with us again, we have all the genetic material we need ready for cloning, enough to produce an endless supply of vaccine. Imagine, our species immune to silver. No more hiding, every Lycan under our command, as powerful as you are. I've even begun injecting myself."
  • "Your mother chose to remain human. She abandoned us. Remember that."
  • "It's worse if you try to fight it. Trust me."