This article contains notable quotes from Kahn.


  • "Daylight, harnessed as a weapon."
  • "Kraven's right, Selene; there's not been a den of that magnitude in centuries, not since the days of Lucian."
  • "Sure hope you never get pissed off with me."
  • "Hold on. Check this out."
  • "Go ahead. Squeeze off a few".
  • "A lethal dose... Straight into the bloodstream. Ain't nothing to dig out."
  • "Look, I've never underestimated Kraven's lust for advancement, but Viktor believed him, and that's all that matters. Now, where you going with this?"
  • "Look, Amelia should have arrived by now. I you to slip off the property and find out what's keeping her."
  • "My Lord, the Council members have been assassinated!"

Underworld (novel)Edit

  • "Of course. He approved it".
  • "A pity that there hasn't been time to mass-produce the new Silver Nitrate Rounds."
  • "Is it true what they're saying about her?"
  • "And who am I to question the judgement of an Elder?"
  • "Just give me something howling and hairy to shoot. Preferably at close range."
  • "How can he do this, and why?"
  • "Besides, trained Vampire Bats are simply not practical."
  • "Something's not right here. I haven't felt this worried since Lucian was alive."
  • "To think that Kraven had once been a Death Dealer... Never in spirit. I should have known. Selene tried to warn me."
  • "Where the hell are you, Selene? There's something going on here I don't understand."
  • "That thieving bastard Kraven apparently had pinched the only working prototype of the special Silver Nitrate Gun... One more reason to string him up like a side of beef when we catch him. Slow impalement on a wooden spike will be too good for him."
  • "Watch out! We're not alone!"