Here and now, we ask for the eyes of Marcus to see us through this powerful night; as we make claim to the living will of Anubis.

—Lord Clovis

Lord Clovis is a character seen in Underworld: Endless War. He is a powerful Vampire, and holds the title of "Lord" among the Vampire Nation.


Little detail is given on his background; he seems to view Vampirism with some spiritual intent, as he speaks of the "Eyes of Marcus", and the "living will of Anubis". His mention of the "Eyes of Marcus" alludes that he is a vassal of the Vampire Elder Marcus Corvinus. It is also suggested that Clovis has, in the past, made unwanted advances towards Selene.

Underworld: Endless WarEdit

In Part 2 of Endless War, Clovis is first mentioned by Kraven in a


Lord Clovis and his followers performing the Crimson Moon Ceremony

phone call with Selene. He is also mentioned by Vregis and Krandrill, two Lycan terrorists, as they discuss Selene's presence in Paris. Guessing that she may have been tasked with the protection of Lord Clovis, who would be presiding over the Crimson Moon Ceremony that was being held at their old mansion, they planned to attack the ceremony to lure her out into the open. They intended to kill Selene and wipe out all of the Vampires present, reclaiming their former home in one night.

As Lord Clovis presides over the ceremony, Vregis and Krandrill, in their Lycan forms, crash the ceremony, coming down through the skylight. They proceed to decapitate Lord Clovis, before being attacked by Selene.


  • The voice actor for Lord Clovis, Trevor Devall, also voices Kraven and Darius.


  • "Here and now, we ask for the eyes of Marcus to see us through this powerful night; as we make claim to the Living Will of Anubis. We plead with the moon's tide to wash away the tired veins of control, and give us the new blood we so desire."
  • "With the sacrifice, there is always the Joining."

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