• Lucian's name is a reference to Lucifer, meaning "light-bearer", a nod to Lucian's former role as a "daylight guardian" for the Vampires. It is also a nod to the Devil of Christian theology, as Viktor went to such lengths to "demonize" Lucian to younger Vampires after Lucian lead an uprising of Lycans against the Vampires.
  • Lucian is the only Lycan shown to display an inhuman speed in human form. He is also the only Lycan shown to injure Selene while in human form.
  • According to Michael Sheen in a bonus feature on the Rise of the Lycans DVD/Blu-ray, Lucian never knew that it was Viktor that slew his mother, which gives him something in common with Selene. According to the novelization, Lucian was well aware that Victor had done this and that he could just as easily killed him too.
  • Promotional material and the script for Rise of the Lycans state that Lucian was just short of being 200 years old during the main events of the film, whereas the novelization puts his age at 215 years old. Similarly, promotional materials and the script put Lucian at 11 years old when he was first used to create Lycans, while the novelization states he was 15.
  • Lucian has shown favoritism to advanced weaponry, whereas all other Lycans prefer their Werewolf forms for offense.
  • Lucian is the first Immortal character in the Underworld franchise to exhibit the ability to force foreign objects out of his body.
  • According to the non-canon novel, Blood Enemy, it was Lucian who cut the skin from his own arm, which he used a silver knife for, as he did not trust Kraven anywhere near him with a silver blade.
  • Since Lucian was born in 1207, the year of his escape would have been 1407.