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The Lynx Pilot is a Cleaner who pilots the Lynx, the refitted military helicopter used by the Cleaners in the Underworld franchise.

Recruited at some point a few years prior to the events of Underworld & Underworld: Evolution, from a background as a pilot, (military or other?)

Underworld: EvolutionEdit

The Lynx Pilot first appears in passing, landing the Lynx on the Sancta Helena's helipad, returning with the bodies of Amelia, Lucian and Viktor. He later pilots the Lynx as Samuel's team of Cleaners arrive at the Death Dealer's safehouse located outside of Budapest, and later when the team is ordered to remain airborne in case of news of Selene and Michael Corvin.

Later arrives too late to the Sancta Helena after Marcus Corvinus's attack, and later pilots Samuel's team, (plus Selene and Michael), to the abandoned fortress that serves as William Corvinus's prison. The Lynx Pilot, along with the Lynx's Gunner, was killed when Marcus pulls the Lynx down, after they were giving Selene cover fire against William.


  • In the end credits for Evolution, Adrian Hough is credited simply as "Pilot".
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