Måns Mårlind is a Swedish film writer and director and director who often works with his close friend, Björn Stein.


Mårlind took film classes at both the American Film Institute and Sweden's Stockholm University, where he met fellow writer and director Björn Stein. His first work was as a writer for the 1995 Swedish tv series, Radioskugga, which he then followed two years later by writing for the series Kenny Starfighter, a young adults show that was popular in Sweden.

Mårlind and Stein went on to write and direct several Swedish tv programs together, before moving into film with Storm, a well received Swedish thriller. In 2010, Mårlind and Stein worked together on their first attempt at a non-Swedish feature film, 6 Souls, which was poorly received.

Most recently, Mårlind's film Känn Ingen Sorg is in post-production, and a horror/mystery anthology about Swedish cults called Collected Swedish Cults has been announced, on which Mårlind will again collaborate with Stein.


In late 2010, Mårlind and Stein were announced as co-directors of the most recent Underworld film, Underworld: Awakening. Initially, series director Len Wiseman had been said to be the acting director, but time constraints left him unable to take the helm. Mårlind and Stein became the third and fourth directors to work on the series, following Len Wiseman helming Underworld and Underworld: Evolution, and Patrick Tatopoulos directing Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.


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