A list of notable Quotes from Marcus Corvinus in the Underworld series.

Underworld: EvolutionEdit

  • "My God! Brother, what have you done?"
  • "Viktor, he must not be harmed."
  • "I will stay and fight, you need my help!"
  • [seeing William attacked by vampires] "No! Leave him be!"
  • (To Viktor) "He was not to be harmed! Place him in my charge, as we agreed, or you will pay for your deceit."
  • "What is thy will, my lord?"
  • [to Kraven, after being awakened by the blood of the Lycan Singe] "The blood memories of this... wretched creature... have shown me that your treachery... knows no bounds."
  • (To Kraven) "Why would I listen to your lies... when the journey to the truth... is so much sweeter..."
  • (To Selene) "I know what you've done, Selene."
  • "Kraven has already reaped the rewards of his own misdeeds. And Viktor: Viktor deserved his fate, many times over..."
  • [to Selene] "A terrible business, the slaying of your family. Yet so much effort was spent to conceal this matter from me. What do you suppose Viktor had to hide? Or perhaps, it is you, Selene, as the last of your wretched family, who has something to hide."
  • "Dead or alive, you will give me what I want!"
  • (Greets Tanis) "Tanis. You seem anxious. Why do you flee the very sight of me?"
  • "Please... sit. There's no need for this to be unpleasant. I've always rather enjoyed your company."
  • (Sees Tanis glancing over to his armory, Marcus looks over at the weapons) "Now you're being rude."
  • "Viktor struck two keys. What do you know of them?"
  • "Soon, Brother, soon."
  • "Hello, Father."
  • "Ah. The predictable heart, that never thaws. Pity it beats within such a fool. The Eldest of the Immortals... yet you have made no attempt to seize your Destiny."
  • "And that Petty Sentiment explains why you rejected your sons? Why you stood by for over half-a-millennium... while William suffered alone, in darkness? No, Father. I have no respect for your petty sentiment. Viktor's key. Where is it?"
  • "-Oh, but I am stronger now. And our bond is greater than you have ever wanted to acknowledge."
  • "Oh, not Lycans, Father... or Vampires. A new race, created in the image of their maker... their New God. Me."
  • (Last words to his Father) "...And a True God... has no Father."
  • "William. William stop! Be still brother. Its me."
  • (Seeing Michael killings his twin) "WILLIAM!!"