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The huge double doors swung open. A large, stocky Vampire peered out at him. Kraven recognized him as Miklos, one of Soren's thuggish underlings.

Underworld: Evolution novelization.

Miklos is a Vampire who, while one of the Vampires lead by Kraven down into the Elders' Chamber/Crypt to do away with the last Vampire Elder, Marcus Corvinus, in Underworld: Evolution, was only identified and given more in-depth character in the novelization for Evolution.

In the non-canon novelization, Blood Enemy, Miklos is the name of one of Lucian's lieutenants, who stands in as Lucian's bodyguard in one of his clandestine meetings with Kraven, after Raze was wounded in the attack in the beginning of the book. Miklos was killed by a silver sniper round to the skull, shot by Leyba.

Underworld: EvolutionEdit

In chapter 5 of the novelization, when Kraven arrived back at Ördögház, following the events of the first installment, it is Miklos who answers the door and recognizes Kraven despite the disheveled, filthy state he is in. Once back inside Ördögház, Kraven, in need of a new enforcer, and pleased with Miklos' obedience, sizes Miklos up as a serviceable replacement for Soren, not knowing whenever or not if Soren had survived the clashes down underground in the Lycans territory.

Gathering together the remaining of Soren's men who had been left at Ördögház, Miklos, following Kraven, lead them down into the Elders' Chamber/Crypt to eliminate Marcus while they still thought him vulnerable. At Kraven's command, Miklos triggers the mechanism to Marcus' sarcophagus, and like the others readies his weapons to finish off the Elder. When things go wrong, as they see Marcus' sarcophagus empty and Marcus starts to breakout from under the stone floor itself, Miklos and the other enforcers all start using the exclamation, "May the Elders preserve us!"

After Marcus is out, and after Heinrich, another enforcer, is killed, Miklos-himself is the last of Kraven's private security team to be massacred by Marcus, spraying Kraven with his blood, leaving Kraven alone with Marcus.


  • Film or novelization, Miklos is the one Kraven had open Marcus' sarcophagus.
  • In the film, Evolution, when Kraven leads his remaining men down into the crypt, there are only four of them, minus Kraven, and two of them are actually wearing the same gear as Death Dealers: either this is a production goof, two surviving Death Dealers defected to Kraven's team, or perhaps Kraven had had some of his enforcers infiltrate the Death Dealers for insider information.
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