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The Monastery is the home of Andreas Tanis. He was banished from the Vampire mansion sometime in the 1700's.


Once a place of worship, this abandoned mountain abode serves a different purpose to the Coven in the late 17th Century. On the orders of Vampire Elder Viktor, it is turned into a place of exile for Vampire Andreas Tanis.

Three centuries later it has changed again, having become Tanis' den of revelry and place of business with the Coven's enemies, the Lycans, sporting defenses such as a trio of chained savage Lycans and a trap door into the winding catacombs that comprise the monastery's lower levels. Inside the monastery, Tanis creates ultraviolet ammunition, which he sells to Lycan leader Lucian.

Underworld: EvolutionEdit

In 2003, after the fall of the coven and the death of two of the Elders, Selene and Michael Corvin fight their way in to speak with Tanis. There, they discover Tanis' two lovers, Grushenka and Olga. After the pair depart, surviving Elder Marcus Corvinus attacks Tanis before he too can flee, and drinks his blood to obtain his memories.


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