The New World Coven is a Coven of Vampires located in America.[3] It is most likely not an official title, but rather a modern-day distinction made in certain context.


It is implied that this Coven was or still is linked to the Budapest Coven[4], but it remains unknown if this younger Coven was originally established by dissidents of the Budapest Coven or with the Elders' consent like a colony and, if so if they ever declared some form of independence.

While what role the Elder played in the younger Coven's history and present remains unknown, by the time of the first film, Amelia and the Council was returning from New York,[2] most likely a seat of power for the New World Coven. It is clear that the New World Coven, at the time, held the Elders in high regard and that some form of reunion was set to commence with Marcus Corvinus' awakening in the 21st Century. In the first novelization, visiting dignitaries, neatly groomed attendants and ladies-in-waiting, and High-ranking members were returning from the New World Coven as well.

It remains unknown whether the New World Coven survived the Purges; the Coven was not mentioned again after the first film.


The infrastructure of the New World Coven is unknown, although they most likely have Death Dealers. There is the occasional mention of "houses" but it's not known if a house is synonymous with a Coven or if a Coven can consist of several houses, much like a royal court.

It is possible that the New World Coven had or still has a government equivalent to the Budapest Coven's Council. It is also possible that the position of Regents was conceived to rule the Covens while in turn be ruled by the Council.

Lucian assures Kraven that with the Council eliminated, he will soon have undisputed control of both Covens, but it remains unknown if Kraven assuming control of the New World Coven would follow further measures, such as assassinations or acts of terrorism by the Lycans.[5]

Known MembersEdit

  • Amelia
  • Vampire Council members †
  • Unnamed Death Dealer (presumably) †
  • Dmitri
  • Visiting dignitaries
  • Attendants and ladies-in-waiting †
  • High-ranking members †



  1. The New World Coven was presumably started no earlier than the 16th century, after Columbus discovered the New World, unless a Vampire traveled with the Norse colonists earlier than that. Many Hungarians immigrated to America in the 19th and 20th centuries. Viktor had left Kraven in charge of his affairs when he began his hibernation in the late 19th century, which may imply that Amelia was already in America at that time.
  2. 2.0 2.1 "The trip from New York, by way of Vienna, had been a long one..." ~Underworld novelization. Also, New York City has the largest population of Hungarian Americans of any city in the New World.
  3. ... the elite of their coven welcomed their distinguished visitors from America."~Underworld novelization
  4. " just two nights' time... we will once again be united as a single coven!" ~Dmitri
  5. "Soon you will have it all: both great Covens and an ironclad peace treaty with the Lycans..." ~Lucian
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