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The Nordic Coven, also known as Var Dohr, is a coven of Vampires led by Vidar. Their seat of power is a castle located in the northern peak of Scandinavia.


Underworld - Blood Wars (2016).mp4 snapshot 00.48.51 -2017.04.24 18.03.25-

Vampires passing through the cocooning ritual

Amelia helped found the Nordic Coven and helped them in times of need. Semira was sent to the Nordic Coven however, despite her time within the Coven, Semira disagreed with their more peaceful ways. When Amelia died, the mourning ceremony they had lasted a month.

Many Nordic Vampires in the Coven have participated in a cocooning ritual which enhances their powers. Semira declined to undergo the ritual during her time at the Coven.


Underworld - Blood Wars (2016).mp4 snapshot 00.41.25 -2017.04.24 18.08.38-

Selene and David traveling to the Nordic Coven

The location of the Coven is not stated in the film. However, given its name, it is likely situated in one of the Nordic countries. David and Selene traveled to the Coven from the Eastern Coven by rail, and the Coven’s castle is seen to be in a mountainous region and near a lake. This terrain is consistent with much of Norway and western Sweden, in the Scandinavian Mountains (see the map).

Underworld: Blood WarsEdit

After being betrayed by Semira, Thomas sends David and Selene to the Nordic Coven with Alexia following them. Upon arrival, David is informed of his heritage as the son of the Vampire Elder Amelia and given blood she'd left with the Nordic Coven so he could see her blood memories. Selene also learns of the ritual the Nordic Coven uses to reach the "Sacred World" and increase their powers. While Selene and David are at the Coven, Lycans led by Marius' attack, killing several Coven members. Eventually the Lycans retreat after learning that Selene has no knowledge of Eve's location and her apparent suicide by submerging herself into a nearby frozen lake. Following this, David departs to take control of the Eastern Coven as Amelia's heir and the Nordic Vampires cocoon Selene, reviving her and increasing her powers. Following her revival, Selene transforms Lena into a Vampire-Corvinus Strain Hybrid as repayment for her actions.

Underworld - Blood Wars (2016).mp4 snapshot 01.20.18 -2017.04.24 15.07.53-

Many Nordic Vampires at the Eastern Coven

Selene then leads the Nordic Coven, wearing metal face-shields and heavy cloaks as protection from the sun, to the aid of the Eastern Coven who are under attack by the Lycans. The Nordic Coven aids the Eastern Coven in repelling the Lycan attack which ends when Selene kills Marius.

After the battle, the Nordic and Eastern Coven recover from their wounds and Selene, David and Lena, the Nordic Coven's greatest warrior, are chosen as the new Vampire Elders.

While Selene was staying at the Nordic Coven between her resurrection and the battle of the Eastern Coven, she was apparently reunited with Eve, as seen in a flashback.

Rooms Edit

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The Nordic fortress is located at top of a frozen cliff, which can be used as a natural defense against outside threats. Inside of its walls there are several domestic and working areas, some of these places are the courtyard, the armoury, and the undercroft.

The Nordic Coven is far removed from the contemporary vampire society and seems to lack any modern technology, relying mostly on its medieval architecture and their monastic ways. At the entrance, there is a great bell, which is used to sound an alarm when the Coven is under attack, passing trough it there the main stairway that leads further down into the castle. Inside the castle, there are no windows and have several fireplaces to keep the temperature agreeable.

The ice and the torches seems to be the one the few decorations within the castle, along with several artifacts like metal plaques, runes and Lycan's skulls.

Courtyard Edit

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The courtyard

Passing through the main gatehouse, there is the courtyard, the only outdoor place within the castle walls. The courtyard is the first line of defense when under attack. This place have ramparts and a fortified outpost, situated over the gate, which is used by archers for flanking positions.

Armoury Edit

Underworld - Blood Wars (2016).mp4 snapshot 00.50.50 -2017.04.24 18.04.47-

Selene and Lena at the Nordic Coven's Armory

Just like any other Coven, Var Dohr also has an armory where their blacksmiths forge several plate armours and shields along with their usual silver weapory, such as swords, axes, spears, arrows and crossbows. This is possibly the place where they also fabricate their fur coats.

Undercroft Edit

Underworld - Blood Wars (2016).mp4 snapshot 00.48.01 -2017.05.02 21.30.42-

Lena cocooning a female vampire

The undercroft is a crypt underneath the castle halls, similar to a temple where the Nordic vampires go to meditate and perform their sacred rituals. There are several pools and fountains in this area, the vampires use the water to cocoon those that chose to perform the ritual, and leave their bodies resting until their awakening.

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Other pools are used as a meditation place, in which the vampires doesn't need to go through the cocooning process again, they simply enter and leave the water as they please.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to the tilt of the earth's axis, northern Scandinavia experiences arctic nights during winter. This means daylight hours are severely limited and locations above the Arctic Circle experiences several weeks of night: the sun does not rise above the horizon. This would make it an ideal winter abode for vampires. This phenomenon also occurs in Russia, Alaska and Canada.


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