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Radu is a minor character seen in a flashback at the beginning of Underworld: Evolution. He is portrayed by Dany Papineau, though he is credited as Death Dealer #1.

Underworld: EvolutionEdit

In the year 1202 AD, the Vampires are finally able to track the Werewolf William Corvinus to a small village. By the time they arrive, all the villagers have been slaughtered. Radu is among the team of Vampire Death Dealers sent to the village. He and fellow Death Dealer Istvan enter a small hovel and prepare to burn the bodies of the deceased humans lying within. Before they can do that, one of the humans begins to transform into a Werewolf, prompting Istvan to yell a warning to the other Vampires.

Radu is killed by William with an accurate single fist.


  • Based on his appearance alone in Evolution, Radu is Asian-European.
  • A character called Radu also appears in the Underworld: Rise of the Lycans novelization. It is unconfirmed if they are the same person, or if it is a coincidence that they share the same name.

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