Samuel is the head of Alexander Corvinus' Cleaners Squad.

Underworld: EvolutionEdit

He makes his first and last official appearance in Underworld: Evolution. Having just returned to the Sancta Helena after he and his squad had retrieved the bodies of Vampire Elders Viktor and Amelia, as well as the body of Lycan leader Lucian, and possibly that of Vampire Death Dealer Rigel from their respective battles, he is next shown displaying video footage of each of the clean-up missions to Alexander who stands over him at a computer console on board the ship.

Converse with Alexander


After Selene's meeting with Alexander is interrupted by the intrusion of Marcus Corvinus in his Hybrid-form, Samuel leads his platoon to assist she and Michael Corvin in the battle that ensues. After Michael is seemingly killed by Marcus, Samuel is seen putting his body into a bag and placing it on board a helicopter. He then flies away with Selene and the surviving platoon moments before the ship is detonated.

In William's Fortress, Samuel assists in the assault against an ancient beast, only to be turned moments later. The primitive Lycan virus resurrects him as a first-generation Werewolf along with the rest of his squad who, like him, fell victim to William. He proceeds to attack Selene, who hesitates a little before responding until she remembers what Andreas Tanis told her: that those turned by William are unable to take human form ever again after being infected by the virus. Samuel and the rest of the turned Cleaners are later killed by Selene with the help of the revived Michael.


  • As the Commander of the Cleaners, Samuel's counterparts were Kahn (Death Dealers), Soren (Kraven's 'secret police') and Raze, (Lycans).


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