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The Sancta Helena was a refitted naval frigate, registered under the Hungarian flag. Over three hundred feet long, from bow to stern, it plowed through the choppy waves without hesitation, despite the limited visibility. Radar and sonar equipment helped the ship navigate through the fog. A powerful diesel engine provided plenty of horsepower. A helipad occupied the aft section of the ship, behind the rear control room, funnel, and upper decks. A radar tower rose like an old fashioned mainmast behind the elevated bridge. Gun turrets were no longer visible upon the converted frigate, but that didn't mean the Sancta Helena was unarmed.

Underworld: Evolution novelization, chapter 7

The Sancta Helena, (the Saint Helena), is a refitted naval frigate, seen in Underworld: Evolution.


Named after his wife, it serves as home to the immortal Lorenz Macaro, (a.k.a Alexander Corvinus), and as a base of operations for his small army, the Cleaners. Besides Alexander's spacious personal chambers, the ship boasts a command center with state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, a helicopter pad, and an equipped morgue. It is from here that the cleanup of the war between the Vampires and Lycans takes place. Alexander uses the ship to locate points of interest in the war, and to coordinate the removal of bodies before humans can become aware of the existence of the Immortals.

Underworld: EvolutionEdit

Sancta Helena

Sancta Helena.

After the events of Underworld, the Cleaners are shown to have brought the corpses of three important figures back to the ship: the Vampire Elder Amelia, the Lycan Lucian, and the Vampire Elder Viktor. When pressed for information banished Vampire historian Andreas Tanis informs the Vampire Selene and her Hybrid lover, Michael Corvin of the ships's location. This is soon also discovered by Alexander's son Marcus Corvinus from Tanis' blood memories.

Most of the Cleaners are killed on board the Sancta Helena when Marcus Corvinus attacks the ship. After having fought Michael and Selene on the dock outside over the pendant and Selene's blood memories, Marcus argues with Alexander ending with him grievously injuring his father and stealing the remaining key to his brother's prison. Feeling that it is time to die, Alexander has Selene drink his blood so that she can defeat Marcus and his brother. After she and the remaining Cleaners leave, Alexander blows up the ship, committing suicide in the process.

At the time of its destruction, the Sancta Helena was docked at Pier 17, on the river Danube.


  • Inside Alexander's personal chamber is a statue carved in the image of his former wife, Helena Corvinus[1].


  1. "[Corvinus] turned to look at the elegant face of the massive carving behind him. The Muse's divine countenance was modeled on that of Helena, his long-dead wife and the mother of his children." ~ Evolution novelization, chapter 19


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