Selene's Mother is a minor character mentioned in Underworld. She is the mother of Selene and Cecilia, and the grandmother of Selene's daughter, Eve.

History Edit

Very little is known of Selene's mother. She was presumably born in Hungary, in the 14th century. At some point, she married Selene's Father and had two daughters with him, with Selene being born in 1383. Selene's mother became a grandmother for the first time when Cecilia gave birth to twin daughters. Unfortunately, in 1402, Selene's mother was killed along with the majority of her family by the Vampire Elder Viktor - her husband had once built a prison for Viktor to house William Corvinus, but the Lycan Lucian had staged an uprising after the death of his lover, Sonja, and stole one of the keys to William's tomb. As a result, Viktor killed Selene's father and the rest of her family to prevent the risk of the prison's location being revealed.

It can be assumed that Selene's mother was murdered alongside her daughter, Cecilia, with Selene stating that "their screams woke me" and there was nothing she could've done to save them. Viktor spared only Selene, due to her great resemblance to his daughter Sonja, whom he had executed for falling in love with Lucian. Viktor tricked Selene into believing that Lycans had murdered her family. As a result, Selene became a Vampire and a Death Dealer, spending the next six centuries hunting down and killing Lycans to avenge her family.

Underworld Edit

Selene briefly mentions her mother when she explains her reason for hating Lycans to Michael Corvin, telling him about how her mother's dying screams woke her. Selene later learns that Viktor was actually responsible for killing her family and in turn kills him to protect Michael, thus exacting some form of justice for the murder of her mother and other family members.

Trivia Edit

  • Given that Selene's father is depicted as having red-brown hair, it's possible Selene inherited her dark brown hair from her mother.