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A case of silver nitrate bombs.

The Silver Nitrate Bomb is the evolved rendition of the main defense against Lycans, silver. It contains silver nitrate gas, which is deadly to those infected with Lycanthropy. When it explodes, the blast disperses the gas into the air. All Lycans that are within close proximity of this gas are burnt in the same manner as a Vampire would be under direct sunlight.

The weapon was developed from a bullet created by the Death Dealer leader, Kahn, which contained liquid silver that would eject into a Lycan's blood on impact. By the time of Underworld: Awakening, the Lycans have built up an immunity to Silver Nitrate, which has rendered the regular use of such bullets ineffective.

Underworld: AwakeningEdit


A Silver Nitrate bomb exploding.

Selene uses several of these bombs during her attack on Antigen Headquarters, killing dozens of Antigen guards in the process. A silver nitrate grenade is used to kill Quint Lane, when the bomb is stuffed inside his stomach by Selene.

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