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Straight into the bloodstream, ain't nothing to dig out.


Silver Nitrate Bullets are the latest incarnation of the Vampires' standard silver-plated bullets used to kill Lycans. When shot, a silver solution is excreted from the round directly into the bloodstream of the victim, clogging it with poison. Silver Nitrate bullets were copied from the Lycans' ultraviolet ammunition by the Vampire Weapons Master Kahn.


The inspiration for the silver nitrate bullets comes from a discovery made by the Vampiress Selene when she captures a sample of the Lycans ultraviolet ammunition. Selene brings the UV bullets back to Ördögház for testing, where Kahn gets the idea for Silver Nitrate bullets. After developing the first prototype, he gives it to Selene to test, noting that the Lycans will be unable to dig out these new silver nitrate bullets as they do with ordinary silver bullets.

Towards the end of the film, Kraven has Erika steal the prototype gun, and carries it to the Lycan den. He uses it to shoot Lucian, and then to later attack Michael Corvin.

Underworld: AwakeningEdit

Silver nitrate bullets are used by the human soldiers against the Lycans. Furthermore, silver nitrate bullets are also used by Selene against the Lycans as she attacks antigen.

Underworld: Blood WarsEdit

The vampires from the eastern coven use silver nitrate bullets against the Lycans when they attacks the vampire coven.

There also seems the be silver nitrate in the crossbow bolts, as when, in the film, the Lycans are shot with it, there seems to be streaming silver nitrate out of the wound.


  • Silver nitrate is actually clear in liquid form. However, the film uses something that looks more like mercury to give a clearer mental connection between the fluid and silver.
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