Thomas’s Coven is an old, run down cave-like area underground that is used as a hideout for the Vampires. The Coven is led by Thomas. This coven may be the same as the Western Coven mentioned in Underworld: Blood Wars.


After the Purges, Vampires and Lycans alike had to hide from the humans, who sought to exterminate them. The Immortals took up residence underground, away from human eyes. The Coven stood in stark contrast to the decadent Covens of old; it was bare, run-down, and lacking of any amenities. Some items from the Budapest Coven were spread throughout Thomas's Coven, including Soren's silver whips, Viktor's jacket, and a Death Dealer uniform. The Coven appeared to be accessible through a manhole beneath the city.

Underworld: AwakeningEdit

Twelve years after the Purges, a bioengineering corporation lost control of two of its subjects, a Vampire Death Dealer named Selene and her Hybrid daughter, Eve. Selene and Eve were brought to the Coven by Thomas's son, David, after Eve was attacked by a Lycan. Eve was tended to by Olivia, a Vampire doctor residing within the Coven. Selene and Eve were temporarily allowed to stay, though Thomas made it very clear that he blamed Selene for the current state of the Vampire species.

Only a few hours later, Jacob Lane, director of Antigen, discovered the location of the Coven and sent his son to procure Eve, whose organs were to be used to cure the Lycans' fatal allergy to silver. The Lycans stormed the Coven, fatally injuring David. To keep the remaining Vampires alive, Thomas handed Eve over to the Lycans. Before leaving to find her daughter, Selene revived David with her blood, which contained the Corvinus Strain from drinking the blood of Alexander Corvinus. Nothing more was seen of the Coven, although David later aided Selene in slaughtering the Lycans at Antigen Headquarters.

Underworld: Blood Wars Edit

Thomas joined the Eastern Coven after the Western Coven, his previous residence, was “utterly destroyed.” Since Thomas was at the Western Coven in between films, either Thomas’s Coven was the same as the Western Coven, or Thomas’s Coven was probably disbanded or destroyed after the events of Underworld: Awakening.



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