• Possible spoilers. Me and a friend of mine had been having a debate for quite a while. Mainly rather Marcus always had that transformation or did he gain it upon becoming a hybrid that's the main question here. Excluding any hybrids they've never shown any vampires transforming in the series at least none I can remember at the moment. So I find it hard to believe that Marcus always had that transformation but never used it and allowed himself to be bossed around by Victor. And I understand that he may have just let himself be bossed around by Victor in order to find his brothers location but it doesn't make sense to me. So my main question once again did Marcus always have that transformation or did he gain it up on becoming a hybrid??

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    • I think he gained the winged form when he drank Singe’s blood at the end of the first film. They showed him open his eyes and they turned black, like Michael’s eyes do in hybrid form.

      I think that Marcus was intimidated by Viktor for most of his life. Marcus was probably a bit stronger than Viktor was physically, but Viktor had experience in battle and in leading armies that Marcus did not. But after Marcus gained his hybrid form, he immediately attacked the mansion, even before he could have known that Viktor was dead. Maybe he felt his new powers and realized that he could destroy the coven and make a new coven of hybrids.

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