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Underworld: Evolution is a one-issue IDW Publishing comic book adaptation of the 2006 film Underworld: Evolution, part of the Underworld franchise. The storyline in the graphic novel rushes through the 106-minute feature film.


Viktor: MARCUS!
Marcus: He was Not to be Harmed! You will pay for your deceit!
Viktor: And You Will Learn Your Place! Look at him--Does he Look like your Brother anymore? How many more of these Filthy Monstrosities must he create before you realize he's entirely beyond your control? No--This will be done My Way.
Marcus: You know well the consequences if you murder me... or William.
Viktor: Thus, My Will is that William be imprisoned... For All Time. Far From You.

Selene: Now that Viktor's dead, the hunt will be on for his Killer. It's only a Matter of Time before I'm found.
Michael: But none of this is your fault! We have proof-
Selene: Beyond useless if Kraven reaches the Mansion and gets to Marcus first. But I'm going alone. Kraven's a coward--He'll want to strike when Marcus is vulnerable!

Selene: Michael, take my blood. I don't feel like watching you die today.

Andreas Tanis: I knew it was you, Selene. The stench of Viktor's Blood still lingers in your veins.
Selene: Tanis. You remember what happened the last time you pointed a weapon at me.
Andreas Tanis: Ah, but I'm not afraid of you anymore.
Selene: Well, we're going to have to work on that.

Selene: What else do you know?
Tanis: Very little of anything, I'm afraid.
Selene: (Jabs a arrow point up beneath Tanis' chin) Knowing too much gets you killed, but knowing just enough to be of use someday... that rates someplace exactly like this. (Trains a crossbow on Tanis) Or perhaps I'm mistaken and there's no use for you at all.

(Selene's Narration): The Unknown is now my Reality, for I do not yet understand what I have become. The Future brings so many questions, so many fears. But the first step--the first day--has arrived. 600 Summers. 600 Falls. 35 Generations of Humanity. And finally again... the sun.


  • Adaption by Kris Oprisko
  • Based on the screenplay by Danny McBride
  • Story by Kevin Grevioux, Len Wiseman & Danny McBride
  • Based on characters created by Kevin Grevioux, Len Wiseman & Danny McBride
  • Art by Antonio Vazquez for Sulaco Studios
  • Colored by Fran Gamboa for Sulaco Studios
  • Lettered by Tom B. Long
  • Edited by Chris Ryall
  • Design by Neil Uyetake
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