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Underworld is a IDW Publishing comic book adaptation of the 2003 film Underworld, part of the Underworld franchise. The storyline in the graphic novel rushes through the 121 minute length feature film.


  • "For nearly 600 years, the war had been all but over. With the death of their leader, Lucian, the Lycans scattered. But Selene's mission was not complete. The weapons had changed, but she and her fellow Death Dealers' orders remained the same: Hunt them down and kill them off, one by one."
  • "Eyes meet and lock, in a hypnotic gaze..."
  • "To Selene, Viktor's mansion is home. Even here, though, she feels out of place. With the Vampire Elder Viktor slumbering and Selene's would-be-Paramour Kraven in charge, too many decadent layabouts have come to inhabit its halls. Only in the dojo can Selene be herself."
  • "By custom, two Elders sleep while one rules. Amelia is about to relinquish her rule to Marcus. Unfortunately for Selene, Viktor sleeps... Not to be Awakened for 100 years."
  • "Selene's blood, the conduit for her genetic memories, is funneled into the slumbering Elder."
  • (Selene): "[Lycans] slaughtered my family, fed on them. They took everything from me. They killed my mother, sister, father, my nieces - twin girls, only six years old - were butchered like animals. They cried out for me... and then there was silence."
  • (Taylor): "First time's a bitch, but after a while you'll be able to control it. Moon won't make a shit bit of difference."
  • (Lucian): "We were slaves to the Vampires once, yet I harboured no ill-will. Even took a Vampire for my bride. But it was forbidden, our union. Viktor feared a blending of the species enough to kill his own daughter... for loving me. He's spent the last 600 years exterminating our species."
  • "The Death Dealers make ready to enter the Underworld..."


  • Based on the screenplay by Danny McBride
  • Story by Kevin Grevioux, Len Wiseman & Danny McBride
  • Adaption by Kris Oprisko
  • Flashback Panels 2 & 3 on page inspired by the Art of Salvati Design
  • Art by Nick Postic and Nick Marinkovich
  • Lettering by Robbie Robbins
  • Design by Cindy Chapman
  • Edited by Jeff Mariotte
  • Compiled and edited by Alex Garner
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