DEADLY COMPANY


                                           Chapter 1


''It was a cold and rainy night in the city of Melbourne, Australia, just in one of the Cafe’s  on the first floor of Flinders Street Station, a young man  sitting around one of the tables in one of these cafe’s, the young man with a black beany covering his short black hair, brown eyes, with a Asian and Caucasian appearance, dressed in a long thick white top, under a black hooded jacket, jeans and sneakers.

This young man has been in the media a far bit, from all the talk about him in the media, they say his name is Luther, all the rumors about Luther are that he’s a friend of many gangsters, hit men and the mafia. They also say he’s a hit man, and that he’s good at what he does, they also say he’s had a dark past and that he has a dark secret. But all of this was just rumors, rumors that were made up about him, the rain poured down hard on to the ground outside of Flinders Street Station, Luther took a sipped from the cup of hot Chocolate that he had ordered before hand, he place the cup back on the plate, he looked around and as he did so, his eye’s fell on a beautiful looking woman, with long black hair, olive brown eyes, snowy white skin, a lovely and curvy figure, covered in casual clothing, walked in to the cafe Luther was in, she ordered a cup of coffee and took a seat around the table not far from, were Luther was sitting.

For Luther, the sight of this woman was a treat, but at the same time it wasn’t good news, Luther knew this woman, the woman Luther knew is Zara Black, he knew her from when they had studied in the same TAFE, he knew her casually for a while, then Luther had a endless unrequited love for Zara, which lasted for years, but it wasn’t until after Luther had made so many offers of been her lover, that Zara ditched him for good, Luther had mixed feelings about Zara since them, but he had wanted to forget about her, and moved on, that meant not been at the same place and the same time that Zara was there for.  Luther  looked away, hopping that Zara  didn’t see him at all, but Luther notice something in Zara’s behavior that made him think that she was  worried about something, he saw her look around as if she was worried that someone or someones was watching her, Luther wondered what it was that she was worried about, from what Luther knew about Zara, she was liked by everyone she knew and  she was popular with all who knew her, what could possibility make her think she’s been watched?  He looked around and soon he discoved what she was watching out for,  Luther saw Zara look at several small groups of men and women dressed in goth like casual clothing spread out all over the floor of Flinders Street station, and Luther notice these men and women had there eyes on Zara, Luther also knew these men and women, they were enemies of Luther and his people, Luther could see that Zara just might be in some danger, though Luther didn’t really like Zara much any more, he did however have some nice memories of her. So without a second thought, Luther got up from were he was sitting and got out a pair of Heckler  & Koch USP  - 9 hand guns, and started firing his guns at the groups of men and women,  as he walked across to a safer place, all around the out side and inside of Flinders Street station,  Luther’s fellow male and female gangsters sprang in to action and ran to the ground floor of the big station,  along Luther’s warrior’s were Ricki, with long coco brown hair, brown eyes, tamed skin, Victoria, with long thick blond hair, brown eyes and fare skin, Charlotte, with long black hair, brown eyes, fare skin, Lora, with long dark brown hair, brown eyes, tamed skin, Sophie, with long thick blond hair, hazel green eyes, slightly fare skin, Carla, with slightly short bright blond hair, light brown eyes and slight fare skin, Avon, a black man with a cap on above his very shot black hair, Zack, with short and spiky black hair, brown eyes and a Caucasian appearance, Brutus, with spiky red hair, blue eyes and a bead, and Damion, with messy black hair and  brown eyes.

All of Luther’s men and women were dressed in urban, street wise and casual clothing as they ran towards the sound of gun firing, along those who were enemies of Luther and his people, were Jenna, with long thick blond hair, blue eyes, fare skin and a slim figure, Justine, with long bright and straight blond hair, pale blue eyes and snowy white skin, three other long blond hair and blue eye beauties Nancy, Carliee and Katie, Timea, with long thick black hair tied up in a pony tail, brown eyes, fare skin and a slim figure, Violet, with long brown hair, brown eyes and  tamed skin, Madison, with long black hair, brown eyes,  fare skin, Steve, with long blond hair and blue eyes, Danny, with dark brown spiky hair, brown eyes and a bead, Seth, with spiky black hair, brown eyes, Lunar, with long raven black hair, brown eyes and tamed skin, Catherine, with short dark brown hair, blue eyes and slightly tamed skin and Samuel, with short black hair and brown eyes, Jenna and her people were dressed in casual goth like black and red clothing, As they fired away at Luther.

All of Luther’s warriors were armed with weapons such as a 44 Maghum Desert Eagle hand guns, Walther P99 hand guns, Heckler & Koch USP – 9s,Steyr TMP 9mm Uzis, Franchi SPAS – 12 shotguns ,  AKM shotguns and Heckler & Koch G36K assault rifle. While Jenna, Justine and there people had weapons such as Beretta 92FS hand guns, Heckler & Koch USP Compact hand guns, Heckler & Koch USP  Match hand guns, Walther P99s, Heckler & Koch MP5K submachine guns, Heckler & Koch MP5A3 shot guns and M4A1 Carbine assault rifles. 

On the ground floor, Luther ducked and moved out of the way, of the bullets that came flying past him,  swiftly as he fired his USP 9 – 9mm  hand guns at his enemies, while around him bystanders ran for cover, Zara had hid behind a cafe bar so she wouldn’t get hit, Luther was holding his own, even though he was out numbered, but just in good timing, his fellow gangsters  came in from all the entrances to the ground floor and blasted their enemies with there weapons, more and more men and women ran to the exits and got the hell out of the station all together, police cars came and parked just out side of the station, as they got out of there cars and tried to make there way on to the ground floor, but they couldn’t

because it was becoming too dangerous.

Bullets flyed back and fourth across the ground floor, many from both sides were moving from one place to a other while firing there weapons,  from were he was firing, Luther was glad that he had most of his clan here with him tonight, to back him up,  We have them outnumbered now, Luther thought, he fired away as did the rest, Luther wondered what had become of Zara, for he couldn’t see were she had got too, but at the moment he  was too busy to care, as Luther, his men and women brought this battle of theirs to there enemies door step, this battle Luther and his clan were in was no normal battle, it was a battle between two powerful immortal creatures of the night, the Lycans, a subspecies of werewolves, and the vampires, a group of careless, thoughtless, cold hearted and blood sucking freaks, they were nothing  compare to the lycans, both sides held there own, but soon Luther and his men and women were in a bloodthirsty mood and were eager to unleashed the beasts within them, it had been a hour and a half since the battle had started, and by now the battle had spread out and was taking place in many areas  inside of Flinders Street station, it was a no mans land really,  every bystander, person who worked in the station had already got out of Flinders all together, while the police had given up and hid behind there cars parked away from the entrances of the station.  Everywhere though out  the station, the lycans put there weapons aside, took there clothing off and had started to change in to there lycan form, there eyes changing to either cobalt blue, white, dark green or hazel red, there snouts protruding from their faces, there skin color becoming either blackish – blue, blueish – gray, dark brown, light brown or grayish colored, teeth becoming jagged fangs, nails on both the hands and feet becoming long and sharp claws, a thin mane of black fur running up and down the center of there backs, ears becoming tufted, they grew a little taller and their shoulders expanding, once the lycans completed there change,  with lighting speed the lycans on there two hind legs or all fours ran, took a swiped, snapped there jaws and engaged in deadly combats with the vampires in mini battles on the ground floor, platforms, tunnels,  trains,  train tracks and the steps. Roars, growls, snarls, gun firing, and screams were the only noises that could be heard, while the smell of blood and gun power were the only scants that was in the air,  Ricki, one of the most powerful female lycans there is engaged in combat with the vampire warrior she knew was Jenna, like so many other lycans, Ricki had transformed, she roared at Jenna as she got ready to attack.

Jenna looked worried, but at the same time, she was ready to fight, her green eyes glowed brightly, while she bared her fangs and hissed at Ricki, in reply, Ricki just  put her hands up and pulled her fingers towards her,  come on you blood sucker, come and get me,” Ricki thought, “show us lycans how tough you think  you really are,” Ricki thought as her lips pealed back to show her fangs, without second thought Jenna attack, but she wasn’t fast enough, Ricki ducked and then took several swips at her with her claws, blood  splatted the walls  of the tunnel Ricki and Jenna were in, punches, kicks, swips and fangs came at each other, as Ricki and Jenna fought each other back and fought as they tried to prove who’s more powerful, “damn lycan,” Jenna thought with hatred, “ why do they have to be so strong?”  as the fighting between the two females process, more blood splatted the walls on both sides of the tunnel, Ricki slammed her left backhand in to Jenna’s face as she smashed in to the wall to her right side, Jenna however pushed her self away from the wall and was about to take a other shoot at Ricki, but Ricki let out a massive roar and with blinding speed sliced the claws of her left hand though, the flesh of  Jenna’s neck, as Jenna’s head went flying and smashed in to the left side of the wall, and hit the ground. “ ha, thats how you bring down a vampire,” Ricki thought, she looked down at the body and the head of Jenna, Jenna’s blood was all over  Ricki’s chest, snout, claws and fangs, “ it doesn’t get any better then this,”  Ricki thought with joy, she howled for victory and then went of to kill again, through out Flinders Street station, the lycans were gaining the upper hand, as everywhere lycans were tearing apart there vampire enemies.

Danny, Steve, Madison, Violet, Katie, Catherine and Samuel were all brought down in the mist of bloody battles by Avon, Zack, Brutus, Damion, Lora, Victoria, Sophie, Carla, Ricki, Charlotte and Luther, it was looking good for the lycans, though the lycans did lose a few of there own as well, a unlucky lycan who was in there lycan form, had at one point got in the way of gun firing, and paid the price with his life, as one of the vampires had fired there rifle at this transform lycan and completely blew the top half of the head of this lycan of, but still the lycans were winning, the reaming vampires Seth, Lunar, Justine, Nancy, Carliee and Timea were trying to get away from the massive lycan horde, as the last reaming vampires got to the ground floor of the station, they sported Zara still hiding from them.

The vampires realise this was there chance to get Zara, before they moved towards her, she saw them first and tried to make a break for it, but Seth with blinding speed got hold of Zara,  your staying with us bitch,”  Seth snapped at Zara, “ hell, no i’m not,” she replayed, she tried to break free, but couldn’t, Seth was too strong, the sound of roars and glows emaged  as the lycans arrived on to the ground floor and blocked each and every exit, so that no vampire would get out alive, some of the lycans remind in there human form, while most were still in there lycan forms, Luther was just one of those who was in there lycan form, nerveless the less, Luther stepped forward in to the centre of the ground floor, the lycans held there claws up  and  aimed there weapons, as Luther gazed at Seth with murder on his mind, Seth could tell each one was Luther, he was glad to go up against Luther, Seth and Luther had some issues to sort out, for the sake of there past, Luther and Seth were friends once, as the lycans and vampires were also at peace with each other once, but that all change because of intense rively, conflict, misunderstanding, betrayal, forbidden love, deals and fall outs. Since then the lycans and vampires have been at war with each other, now, all the vampires wanted was to live in secret, but however that couldn’t be the case since the human Zara was trying to report many topics about there kind to the media, for that, the vampires wouldn’t rest till the human was dead, the lycans had no idea of why this human was in trouble with the vampires, but they didn’t really care, all they care about was destroying the vampires once and for all,  alright, it’s just you and me, Seth, let’s settle this for once,” Luther thought, he roared at Seth, the other vampires looked to Seth, he nodded at them and past the human to the other vampires, “ hold on to her, “ Seth ordered them, “ i’ve got business to settle here,” he said, Luther couldn’t think of any other way of destroying Seth then with his claws and fangs,  he hated Seth, for how he treated him, for all the things he did to him behind his back and for stealing the one woman he wanted all to him self, the woman he could never have because it was the beautiful vampire warrior Justine that Luther wanted to him self, but Seth won her over, funny thing was, Justine never knew Luther care about her, what ever feelings Luther had for Justine was hidden away by Seth, Justine had been taught to hate the lycans and Luther, for that, Seth had to pay.......tonight.

Luther waited for Seth to make it to the centre of the ground floor, Seth took his black glows off  each of his hands as he walked towards Luther, a evil smile came across Seth’s face, Luther just bared his fangs, once in the centre, Luther and Seth gazed at each other, Luther made a massive roar and charge at Seth, as did Seth him self, the lycan leader and vampire leader clashed with each other,  as they swiped, punched, backhanded, snatched and snapped at each other, the other lycans and vampires stepped away from the big battle in the centre of the station, as Luther and Seth fought hard, Luther swing the claws of his left hand right in to Seth as claw marks were caused by Luther’s attack,  the two immortals were soon bouncing of walls, jumping from one place to a other, as they fought each other, moving with blinding speed as swips, punches, slashes and clashes occurred between the creatures, it wasn’t long till blood was spilling and splatting on to the walls and the ground.

It was a violent, bloody and tense battle as they tackle each other back and fourth, Luther took several swips at Seth with his claws as he sliced in to Seth with full force, Seth punched Luther in the chest, but didn’t seem to have any effect on Luther as the mighty lycan keep swinging his claws in to Seth, Seth attack again, but Luther jumped over him, as Luther landed on the ground, he spun around, ran up to Seth and slammed in to him, Seth was out of breath, only for a moment, they charged at each other, Luther swing his claws in to Seth and this time was able to ripped Seth’s left arm off, blood poured out on to the ground, the other vampires were going to come to Seth’s aid, but the other lycans stopped them, before Seth could do anything, Luther came at him again, he swiped the claws of his left hand and ripped of Seth’s right arm, then slashed his claws one more time at Seth, this time slicing through his neck, Seth’s head went flying in to the air and landed on the ground, his headless body stood for a few minutes, then dropped on to the ground. 

The lycans cheered, as Luther looked down at Seth’s body with pride, “ that was for all that you’ve done to me,” Luther thought, but it wasn’t over, the other vampires were willing to attack in revenge for the murder of Seth and the other vampires, so Luther and the other lycans brought down Lunar, and killed her, but Luther stopped his fellow lycans from killing Justine, Nancy, Carliee and Timea, Luther give the vampires a change to get away, which they finally took the offer, after that and after that night, the lycans got back to there every day business, while they made sure Zara was in hiding, it was over for now, but for Luther he still had some business to sort out.

 6 weeks later

it was a other cold night, as Luther stood waiting in a darken rough looking street, he had been busy with his fellow lycans with there business’s, but he had also been busy with his own business, he had been hoping to win over the heart of the lovely vampire warrior of Justine, for after all, with Seth dead, means that he could at last  take the chance of getting together with Justine and seeing if she wanted to g out with him. The full moon was shining brightly in the night sky above, as Luther waited to meet a other vampire warrior Nancy, he had been passing notes for Justine to Nancy, so she could give them to Justine, now he hoped Nancy had good news for him, at last, Nancy arrived, with long thick blond hair, blue eyes, fare skin, with a thick see through black beany on above her hair, and dressed in black and red casual goth like clothing, Nancy made her way to Luther, “ So, hasn’t it worked, has Justine said yes to my offers?” Luther ask her,  Nancy smiled, “ Why don’t you ask her your self,” she said as she looked to a corner not far from where they were standing and out of the darkness, Justine showed up, Luther’s heart lit up, he smiled, this was what he had been waiting for, Justine, dressed in a beautiful black goth like dress, her hair was down and she looked great, as she always did, Justine made her way to where Luther and Nancy were, Nancy looked to Luther, “ Well, i’ll leave it to you two then, have fun,” she said as she walked off, Luther and Justine look at each other as  they smiled.

In a matter of minutes, Luther and Justine were in a bed room in a apartment, as Luther and Justine were on the bed, they hadn’t taken there clothing of, but were just gazing in to each other’s eyes, as they started to kiss one a other, the kissing was slow, there mouths at first was slightly open, but soon there mouths open, as they kissed each other with passion and embraced each other, it was a moment that Luther had been dreaming of, it was the start of something new, it was the beginning of a new chapter and the beginning of a new found love, it was a beautiful night as the love between a brave lycan and stunning vampire was ever lasting.