Chapter 1

It was a find day sunny day in the wildness of a part of America, the sun was shiny brightly, the blue sky was crystal clear, the soft white clouds were thick and fading away, water of the lake was clear, the animals were out and about wondering and feeding on there foods and the birds were singing with joy. Just on the clearing, near a massive lake thats out side of a forest of tall trees, stood a young man, with short spiky black hair, brown eyes, tamed skin, whos tall and dressed in casual summer clothing and wearing sneakers, this man is Luther Chen, he’s a man with a dark secret of been a originally lycan, a subspecies of werewolves, Luther was born to a human father and a lycan mother, which makes him slightly different to other lycans, because he’s hybrid of lycan and human, he became part of a lycan clan years later when he was older, he also discover there’s a clan of werewolves and a clan of vampires out there too. He had discoved that his kind the lycans, the werewolves and the vampires are all immortal too, for some time though, the lycans and werewolves were against the vampires in a series of wars, but that all changed when Luther came in to the picture, Luther had pointed it out to his fellow lycans, werewolves and vampires that there three species should not be against each other, but should be against any humans that dare to go against them, such as so call monster hunters, he then pointed out that some humans are not to be trusted, through that and thanks to Luther, a truce was made between the lycans, werewolves and the vampires, since then the lycans, werewolves and vampires have live by each others side in peace, become a community and they’ve become a team, so that whenever anyone dare to go up against any of there own, they’d have to mess with the rest of there community, thats the way its been since then.


Recently, Luther had started to work with a skillful vampire assassin named Eliza, for months Luther and Eliza had been working together, the reason why Luther teamed up with Eliza was because of the many issues Luther was having with some of his family back at home, in the city of Boston, the thing is that for months now, Luther had been at odds with his sister Natalie, and one of his brothers Rowan, but it was the feud with his sister that matted the most, his brother Rowan was find, it was his sister that was the issue, for a long time until 12 months ago, Luther’s sister Natalie had keep on taking control of Luther’s life, overpowering him, been the boss of his and pushing him around to the point were Luther, couldn’t take it any more, both Luther’s mother and father, and Luther’s beautiful human girlfriend Zara Black all agreed that Luther didn’t have enough freedom, and that Natalie was controlling his life too much. This was a strong topic that was offend in the family meetings, Natalie’s boyfriend, Rowan’s girlfriend and Zara were all present when the meetings took place, like Luther and there mother, Natalie, Rowan and there older brother Daniel were also lycans, but out of his brothers and sister, it was Luther that was more of a lycan then the others, which is why Luther’s brothers and sister could have never won a fight against Luther, because he’s a pure lycan, but his brothers and sister always found ways on how to overpower there younger brother, but a part from the bitter feud between Luther and his sister, there was starting to be a tense and edgy feud between Natalie and Zara, which Luther started to notice and always stood up for Zara when ever his sister tried to sort her out, this feud between Natalie and Zara lasted for weeks, until finely, hatred became rively, when one night Luther’s sister Natalie in lycan form ambushed and attack Zara just out side of her work place, Zara did fight back with every bit of strength she had, it was a gory, violent, savage, brutal and reckless battle between the two, in the end, Zara was able to get away from Natalie and made it to were Luther was, but because of how wounded Zara was and because of how much blood she had lost, she died in Luther’s arms that very night, but however, before she died, Zara told Luther that his sister had attack her, and Zara’s last words to Luther was that she love him. Luther was truly heart broken from the death of Zara, he had been with Zara for months, it was starting to look great for Luther and Zara, but the only thing that was getting in the way of there love, was his sister, from there own Luther wanted the rest of the family feuds to end, it was only the feud with his sister that was not going to end any time soon, his family were soon inform of Zara’s death, they were also told of who killed her, Luther’s family wanted to do something to help but Luther made it clear,


that he didn’t want them to take part in this feud, that it was now up to his fellow lycans, werewolves, the vampires and himself, and that he didn’t want his family to inform there family member Natalie of any plans Luther might have in store for her, his family keept there word that they won't speak a word of it to Natalie, after all that, Luther stayed away from his sister, and never allowed her to be near him, when Luther had told his fellow lycans, werewolves and vampires about the death of his girlfriend and his sister, the lycans, werewolves and vampires were speechless, after getting over the shock of his sister committing a bloody crime, they offered there help. From there, Luther, his fellow lycans, the werewolves and vampires brought down anyone that might of helped his sister Natalie with finding Zara, after dealing with many that helped his sister, the lycans, werewolves and vampires went back to there normal business’s, while Luther continue to plan on how to get revenge on Natalie, he decide that he would need a little help in destroying Natalie, he told his fellow lycans, werewolves and vampires that if he’ll call them if he needs a massive backup, they give him there word their there for him, Luther then turned to the skillful vampire assassin Eliza for her help in this matter, because she’s the best in the business and a ruthless killer, which is they type of killer Luther’s looking for, she agreed to be part of this mission and from there, the two had been working on a plan to destroy his sister once and for all. Now in this very present day, as Luther stands in the clearing out side of the forest of the tall trees, waiting to meet Eliza, to talk about there plan and give her the money he’s got for her, Luther wasn’t alone, he came to this area of the wildness for a nice holiday, with believe it or not his controlling sister Natalie, Luther did bring his sister here for a reason, that is to put the plan with Eliza in to action, as it was part of the plan, that Luther was to make it up to Natalie and try and sort things out with her, to put there differences a side, to also try and make sure that they don’t do anything stupid to each other again, Natalie was thrilled when her brother made the offer to start fresh, after all, they were flesh and blood to each other, they were family and Natalie was sure that the lie Luther was told about Zara been beaten to death by a group of thugs was what he believed happen, and that he’ll forgive her for what happen so many times she was at odds with Zara, and that he’ll realise that Zara just wasn’t right for him, and that there’s bound to be some girl out there thats right for him. So both Luther and his sister started fresh and came on this holiday together, just as brother and sister should, for Luther however, he was only acting as though he was starting fresh, he didn’t mean a thing of making peace with sister, he just acted as though she has her brother back, which is not the case,


at this moment, Natalie was working out not too far from the wooden hut she was staying in, Luther had his own wooden hut to stay in that was across the dirty path to hers, Luther had informed Natalie that a friend of his named Eliza who was also on holiday around here was going to come and see me, Natalie was cool with that, she didn’t know much about his friend Eliza, but she thought she was nice person, a good friend for Luther and maybe could be a good girlfriend for Luther, who knows. Luther looked about as he waited, feeling the warm sun on him self, enjoyed the fresh air and thought a little about his long lost love Zara, and about the fact that she’s watching over him, he smile as good thoughts he had of Zara pass through his mind, he then got his mind back on to work, he looked around a bit more, and then his ally Eliza came walking down through the forest and in to the clearing to were Luther was standing, unlike vampires of film, t.v, myths and legends, Eliza and her kind were not effected by the sun at all, they could walk about in the sun light with out been burned to ash’s, just like his kind, the werewolves and humans could, as she enjoyed the warm glow of the sun, Eliza was very, very attractive, good looking, cute and a beautiful sigh to behold, with long thick orange hair, brown eyes that sparkle, snowy white skin, light red lips, a slim figure covered in casual clothing as well, she had been turned in to a vampire when she was just a child, and took to learning everything there is to know about been a vampire very well and learn how to become a assassin very well too. She and Luther had known each other for a few years, she was the first vampire he’d ever meet, she flirted with Luther a lot when they were teenagers, she would follow him around, cling her self to him and be by his side, she was there for him when he’d lost Zara, she was a really good friend, a really good team worker, which is one of the reasons why Luther turn to her for this mission, now here they were, standing a few feet from each other, she smile and spoke casually “ hello Luther, it’s been a long time since we last spoke, so hows things been holding up on your side?” Luther looked over to were his sister was, before locking eyes with Eliza, “ Same to you too, things on my side are holding up just find, everything is under control,” she nodded, “ So all ready for the big night then?” she asked, “Yes, you bet i am,” he reply, she smile, “ Good, then that means your sister is completely unaware of our plan?” , Luther smile “ Yep, she’s completely clueless as to whats really taking place,” she smile again and then got on to the next bit of business, “ So, did you bring money, like you said will?”, Luther then dug his left hand in to the pocket of his pants and got out a white envelop,


he held it up, “ Got it right here, 100 American dollars, just like i said,” he walked over and handed the envelop to her, she got hold of the envelop, open it and check for her self, in the envelop were a 100 dollar notes, she put the envelop away in a bag she was careering, “ Good, as always, its a pleasure doing business with you, Luther,” she said, as she smiles at him, “ Same here, its good to see you, i’ll see you on the big night, take care,” she left and went back the way she came, Luther then turned to face the massive lake. He stood there in the sun, enjoying every bit of the warm light, Soon, my love, you’ll be avenged my dear , he thought as memories of his lost love Zara pass’s through his mind again.

11 days later

It was a hot night, like any other night but for some reason tonight was different to any other night, Natalie was dressed up in some casual clothing, she had touch, keys and phone with her as she was going to go for a night walk, Natalie was in her early 30s, but just like all lycans, she was ageless, she had long thick black hair tied up in a pony tail, brown eyes, tamed skin, she wasn’t slim but some were in between, she was the only one around this part of the wildness tonight, as both Luther and Eliza had gone out to a place, were Luther could change in to lycan form and roam free since it was the first full moon of the month, tonight, while Eliza would watch out for him and keep him company, Natalie was happy that her brother had friend to keep him company while he went through the change, it was great that he was happy again too, so Natalie thought she do some walking, and get some fresh air. Natalie looked up at the sky and saw the moon, it was crystal clear, no clouds were covering the moon at all, it was easy to see, for Natalie, the moon had no effect on her, for just like other older lycans, she didn’t need the full moon to change, she can change at will. Still the moon made her gaze at it for a few minutes, till she looked away and got a move on, she notice something else tonight, all around her in the part of the wildness were they were staying, it was still and silent, no animals were making any noises, the wind blew through the branches, the water in the lake was still, nothing moved, it was like its never been before, Natalie looked around before going for her walk.


After walking for a hour or so, Natalie notice she was getting lost, she also notice that it was getting foggy around her, fog was spreading all through out the forest of trees, which was strange, cause the fog would only been around when its winter, how is that its occurred right here, right now, Natalie stop and looked around, she couldn’t find were the fog was coming from, it was getting harder to see anything, she couldn’t even pick up on any scant, for there were too many scants around. Just then she heard a grow from some were not too far from were she was, “Luther,” she called out, who else could it be that would make that noise, “ is that you?, if your going to play a prank on me, you better think twice, i’m good at dealing with pranksters,” she call out for the third time, it was silent for a few minutes, as she looked around, then the sound of a rifle went of, Natalie cringed, as she realise she’d been hit by who ever fired the rifle, her right arm was now hanging by a inch to the top half of her arm, she looked down at her arm in shock, she was also starting be in a daze, before anything else happen, a massive fully transformed lycan, with it’s short snout, it’s tufted ears, glowing inhuman cobalt blue eyes, its jagged fangs within its snapping jaws, it’s long and sharp claws on both the hands and feet, the mane of shaggy black and gray fur running down the centre of it’s back, with its dark blue, black and gray skin color, came changing towards Natalie, it took a few swaps at her with it’s deadly claws, it left a few cuts upon her left arm and her body, it took a other swap and this time it ripped of her right arm that was hanging, she screamed in pain, but the Lupine beast, who was Luther, didn’t stop there, he came at her again and again with deadly swips with his claws, he snapped his lupine jaws at her flesh, ripping some of the flesh from her body with his jaws, not even her own lycan strength could save her, this time , her brother was truly winning, there wasn’t a thing she could do, just like in the past when Luther had won against his two brothers and Natalie. It was happening all over again, this time it was a matter of life and death, still she tried to fight back, but Luther was too fast, he doge her attacks and came at her with blinding speed, he snapped and scathed at her over and over again, blood spilled on to the ground and on to Luther, this is for you Zara, Luther thought as he keept attacking Natalie, you’ll be avenged tonight, and you, wicked sister shell die, he thought, Luther finely started to deliver the fatal blows, he started to rip in to her with his claws and fangs, taking chunks of flesh and throwing it away, before returning to take more, body parts were ripped of the rest of the body and thrown away, like as if it were trash that go’s in to the bins.


Luther keept ripping and slicing till his sister was all over the place, he finely stopped, got back on his two hind legs and view the brutal sigh, it was just what he wanted to see, he was breathing hard, he felt good, felt real good on the inside,

after he got his breath back, he then howled to the full moon and for very long time, he howl to the moon for his beloved Zara and his victory against his sister, then went of back the way he became, Eliza turned of the fog machines, that brought out the fog they use against Natalie, she put her rifle away and went of to were Luther went, a few night’s later, after a dinner and a few drinks, Luther and Eliza were seating together on the porch of his wooden hut, they’d had a really good night so far, had a chat and a good laugh. Things couldn’t be better, soon Luther and and Eliza are kissing each other with passion, for they’ve both lost someone special in the past, now they’ve found each other and new chapter in there life’s together begins on this very night, for who knows what the future holds.......