• DarkRobin

    I only found out recently that Kate Beckinsale has stated in an interview that it's "unlikely," of her to reprise her role as Selene in future Underworld movies, and that they may do another one without her.  I think it's too early to worry that she won't return.  As we should remind ourselves all the indications we had before Underworld Awakening all stated she wasn't interested in rerpising too, yet she did. 


    But if we assume the worst, that she won't return to play the role of Selene, will they continue the franchise? 


    I don't know about most of UW fans.  For me, I love the series itself, not just Selene, Michael or other characters.  So even though Selene may be the "heart and sould" of Underworld(as Len Wisemen put it), I would contin…

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