• EmilyLiz

    Underworld: Book Review

    January 3, 2014 by EmilyLiz

    Okay, I promise to give a review for Underworld so here it goes. This book is just like the movie. Everything from what they said to what they did. I was interested in this book because I saw the movie Underworld Awakening, thought it be fantastic to read all the books. I love the Book. I couldn't believe how much chemistry there was between Selene and Michael. The characters felt so real and they didn't feel forced upon each other. The author did a great job on each character given pieces of history and not too much to the point of boredom. There was non-STOP action and little pinch of love and romance.

    Selene is fantastic. I never fell upon a book that had the female character saving a MALE'S LIFE multiple times. It rocked!!!! I mean liter…

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