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Okay, I promise to give a review for Underworld so here it goes. This book is just like the movie. Everything from what they said to what they did. I was interested in this book because I saw the movie Underworld Awakening, thought it be fantastic to read all the books. I love the Book. I couldn't believe how much chemistry there was between Selene and Michael. The characters felt so real and they didn't feel forced upon each other. The author did a great job on each character given pieces of history and not too much to the point of boredom. There was non-STOP action and little pinch of love and romance.

Selene is fantastic. I never fell upon a book that had the female character saving a MALE'S LIFE multiple times. It rocked!!!! I mean literally guys, Michael stay behind while she takes on wolves and even vampires. I couldn't believe what I was reading. I couldn't STOP reading the book until the odd hours of the morning 5:00 am.

The plot idea is great the book didn't focus that much on love but you somehow knew that the love was there. Even if they just met you knew they had it for each other the moment they saw one another. I tend to laugh at authors who write about characters who meet each other and the next SECOND there in love and they can't live without one another that just sounds fake to me, for some reason. I see now that if you write a book WELL ENOUGH it is a possibility for love at FIRST SIGHT. The love was believable. I never thought in my life of reading that love at first sight would be well written by an author. They guy did it. I mean, he REALLY WROTE A MASTER PIECE. WELL DONE GREG!!!!!

--EmilyLiz (talk) 06:12, January 3, 2014 (UTC)EmilyLiz