Jake corvinus

aka jake o'connell corvinus

  • I live in greensboro NC
  • I was born on July 4
  • My occupation is DoD computer hacker
  • I am male
  • Jake corvinus

    my lycan life,

    July 13, 2014 by Jake corvinus

    july 4th 1997. a new baby was born. he would soon become a great warrior his name, jake o'connell corvinus 

    15 years later....  as i ran away from home and  i hid in the woods then i heard something. like a growl and as i turned around i saw a giant black wolf. he then looked right in my eyes. he then bit me.

    2 years later.  as i walk down the street i am picking up a strong sense. the scent was coming from a very strong lycan. then i knew who it was. it was the lycan who turned me. he also knew i was here. we both met then we talked and then he told me my destiny. i was to save our kind from extinction. the humans were hunting us down one by one. i was to change this factor. he told me that im our last hope. 

    so i went to my friends asking f…

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