july 4th 1997. a new baby was born. he would soon become a great warrior his name, jake o'connell corvinus 

15 years later....  as i ran away from home and  i hid in the woods then i heard something. like a growl and as i turned around i saw a giant black wolf. he then looked right in my eyes. he then bit me.

2 years later.  as i walk down the street i am picking up a strong sense. the scent was coming from a very strong lycan. then i knew who it was. it was the lycan who turned me. he also knew i was here. we both met then we talked and then he told me my destiny. i was to save our kind from extinction. the humans were hunting us down one by one. i was to change this factor. he told me that im our last hope. 

so i went to my friends asking for help. they know how to stop this. so we gatherd up our forces to stop this war from happening. that if we dont succeed we will die.  as i went around the world i searched for pieces of the ancient artifact. the the anomaly. i was seent these symbols that were actually coerdinates to each location of the puzzle. the symbols were a new sense that i learned over the years. the gift i have is that i can sense other lycans like me. and as i met them they helped me on my journeys. to save our kind from extinction.