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    Underworld 5

    May 23, 2013 by JohnsonBC

    How would vampires and lycans react to a zombie outbreak?  Would they be vulnerable to zombies or not?  Could they survive?  UNDERWORLD: ABSOLUTION has the answers ...

    Immediately following the events of UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING, the zombie virus is unknowingly transmitted to the general public.  During the chaos, SELENE, a day-walking vampire warrior, forms an uneasy alliance with a small crew of lycans, vampires, and humans.  Among them are MARTA and BENJAMIN FAZAKAS, the wife and son of the Director of the Infected Persons Joint Task Force; DOCTOR ROLAND, a scientist-turned-lycan from Antigen; ISIS, the ruler of an underground lycan den; and Erika, a vampire from Selene’s not-so-distant past.  Along with the vampire-lycan hybrids MICHAEL CORVIN a…

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