• LovelyChrys

    Well, Im starting a fanfic and I need to to know who wants to join. The fanfic is about Underworld. It will have major characters, like Selene and Eve. Sign up in the comments or on my user page.

    P.S. you can be an Underworld Speices



    Place of Birth:



    DOB: If you want

    DOT: If you want

    Back Story:


    Physical Description:

    So get back to me!

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  • LovelyChrys

    Pages Needed!

    February 25, 2012 by LovelyChrys

    This Admin is great at their job....but I feel I could help better. We need pages!

    • Sensory Sncyhronization: Becasue it is like the first ever power!!!
    • Lycan Elder: If vampires have one what about the doggies?
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