Greetings Everyone,

I am the proud leader of a hybrid vampire/lycan slave family. I live in a world known as Utherverse.

As you know Marcus (my Great Grandfather) had a son called Nicolae (my Grandfather) who was the fiancée of Sonja. Nicolae discovered the hybridation of his Father and gradually took charge of the Lycan Science clan. During a routine medical, Nicolae, learning of the relationship between Sonja and Lucian, demanded that fertile eggs were taken from Sonja, so that he could begin his own bloodline. As Sonja was being killed by Elder Viktor, Nicolae's scientists were creating for him a son. His name was Normanus Lycavinus (my Father) a hybrid vampire/lycan. His personality was extremely submissive, and so Nicolae encouraged Normanis to spend time with a lycan slave called Almaria and in time they fell in love and married, to produce a pure bred vampire/lycan hybrid child.....Pietro.

I was bred specifically to breed others of my kind, to serve the vampire aristocracy and then the great war began. My Father encouraged me to leave and hide. And so I did, I took myself and some lycan slaves and we crossed the vast open sea to a place called utherverse were we found an inlet of water surrounded by mountains. There, we built our new home and began our search for a Vampire Coven to serve once more.