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    I figured out the chronological order for the films a while ago and posted it on another site. I’m copying it here mainly for my own convenience.

    1. Watch the first 8 minutes of Underworld: Evolution. Stop when it says, “Screen Gems and Lakeshore Entertainment.” This portion is dated to the year 1202.
    2. Watch Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Selene’s narration in the first minute of the film is misleading: the film starts in the early 13th century, and the main portion of the film is set in the early 15th century. Stop or mute the film quickly at the end (time 1:22:33 on the DVD), when the screen fades to black and you start to hear, “but let me tell you a little something...” The video won’t contain any spoilers, but the audio will. You can unmute t…
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    On , Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, and director Anna Foerster talked about Underworld: Blood Wars at the New York Comic Con.

    There’s a new Fandom article with interviews.

    For more Comic Con interviews related to Blood Wars, watch this Comic Con session video.

    Some other Blood Wars coverage at NYCC:

    • Facebook interview of Kate Beckinsale and Theo James
    • Kate Beckinsale Talks Underworld And How The Films Changed Her Career at
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    As far as I know, we don't have a time frame for the founding of the New World Coven. I think that the 19th century is most likely, although much earlier dates are at least slightly possible.

    Essentially impossible: there was no known travel between Europe and the Americas during this time.

    Barely possible. Norse colonists landed in North America during this period. They made no permanent settlements, so there is no obvious way for a vampire accompanying the Norsemen to have hidden from the sun during the day in a completely undeveloped region of a new continent. However, Underworld: Blood Wars apparently has a Nordic Coven, so an early vampire delegation to Vinland may be possible.

    Barely possible. I am not aware of any travel between Europe a…

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    Piecing the timeline together, I see two possible dates for Michael becoming a hybrid: or (late on the night of the full moons in those years).

    • Endless War has three parts with dates for each: 1890, 1967, and 2012. However, the narration in Endless War states that the Part 2 was almost 70 years after Part 1, and Part 3 was over half a century (i.e. at least 51 years) after Part 2. The math doesn’t add up, but the calculations below rely on Part 3 occurring on 2012.
    • Evolution and Awakening are separated by six months. Otherwise, there had to be a long gap, despite Björn Stein’s statement.

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