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The Vampire Council, also known as the Elite Council, is a group of chosen Vampires that are overseen by the Vampire Elders. They are the most powerful Vampires within the Vampire nation, and are responsible for deciding laws and political matters, as well as passing judgement on Vampires who have broken the Coven's laws.



Amelia with several members of the Council.

By the end of the 14th Century they serve as a kind of a ruling organ of the Budapest Coven, with Viktor at the top. At the time there are twelve (fifteen when/if the three Elders are awake at the same time) seats on the Council included the presiding Elder.[1] The notary, a position held by Andreas Tanis at the time, is present during council but does not hold a seat.

The hall where council members met the humans accommodates ten seated council members, five on each side. The ruling Elder sits on a throne in the center, and Sonja stands to his side. This would suggest that the ruling Elder is counted as one of the twelve council members.

The regent, a position held by Kraven at the time of Underworld, most likely does not hold a seat but since being tasked to carry out the will of the Council may be allowed to attend and speak before them.[2]

During the 21st Century, the Council members are living in New York in the New World Coven under the leadership of the Vampire Elder Amelia.

The Eastern Coven had its own Council and a meeting space that seated five: the Council itself may have five members, unless one or more are obligated to stand, as Sonja was. This Council had issued a death warrant for Selene for the murder of Viktor, but agreed to grant her clemency in exchange for Selene teaching their new Death Dealers to fight the new Lycan leader Marius. The Council was tricked by Semira into believing that Selene was a traitor and Semira attempted to overthrow the Council after they refused to go to war with Marius approaching. The Council was then approached by David who revealed himself to be the son of Vampire Elder Amelia and thus the rightful ruler of the Eastern Coven. After viewing Amelia's blood memories, both the Council and the Death Dealers sided with David.

Following the deaths of Semira and Marius, the Council elected Selene, David and Lena as the new Vampire Elders and bowed down to them with the other Vampires as such.


The council members are seen in the films Underworld, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans and Underworld: Blood Wars. At the end of Underworld, all of them are dead at the hands of Lycans, at the end of Rise of the Lycans only the Elders have survived. Known council members include:

Following the deaths of the three Elders and the Purges, a new council was established in the Eastern Coven and eventually three new Elders were chosen.


  • Andreas Tanis makes a deal with Sonja for her seat on the Council in exchange for his silence about her affair with Lucian, however, Sonja dies soon after and so the deal is never fulfilled.


  1. "There are twelve seats on the Council." ~Andreas Tanis
  2. "Now you'll be lucky if I can convince the Council to spare your life." ~ Kraven


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