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Viktor wielding two daggers.

As a Vampire Elder and one of the oldest Immortals in the series, Viktor is an extremely powerful Vampire and easily one of the most powerful immortals. He possesses all of the attributes of his kind, though on a far greater level. He holds the distinction of being the only pure Vampire shown to be capable of physically overpowering a Lycan in its transformed state. In Blood Wars, Viktor is repeatedly stated to have been the most powerful of the original Elders.

Due to his extremely advanced age, he also has over a millennium of experience in hand-to-hand combat and weaponry use, which he uses to outmatch the Hybrid Michael Corvin (although not without sustaining considerable damage to himself). Also due to his millenia-long experience as a former military leader, Viktor is extremely skilled in strategy and tactics as well as politics, and was seen for centuries as the greatest of the Elders due to his cunning and manipulations, though his arrogance, his violent streak and inability to follow his own laid out rules sometimes places him on the losing end of a situation.

  • Superhuman Endurance: Viktor is capable of taking a considerable amount of damage without slowing down. When going against Lucian, he was able to keep fighting despite the Lycan's clever use of sunlight to inflict burns on him, and survived being stabbed through the mouth with a large sword. During his fight with Michael, he is punched and clawed several times, yet he continues to get back up. In the end, it was only due to dismemberment that he was finally defeated, but even so it took a while for the top of his head to slide off.
  • Superhuman Strength: Viktor is tremendously strong, even for a Vampire. He is able throw people through walls, and punch an untransformed Lycan with enough force to tear off one side of his face and was able to single-handedly overpower and kill a fully transformed Lycan with ease. He is also able to go toe-to-toe with a recently-turned Hybrid, Michael Corvin, and hold his own. Viktor and the two other Elders are the strongest of all vampires with the exception of Selene, David, and Lena (due to them being Vampire-Corvinus Strain Hybrids).
  • Superhuman Healing: Viktor has the Vampiric ability to heal from almost any injury faster than a human. He is able to heal from a sword driven through his mouth and quickly recovers from burns caused by exposure to sunlight.
  • Superhuman Speed: Viktor is incredibly fast, and can outmaneuver most other Immortals.
  • Superhuman Agility: Viktor can jump and twist, and is seen leaping from high places and landing with ease.
  • Blood Memory Sorting: As with all Elders, Viktor is able to sort his blood memories and can obtain memories from drinking another person's blood.

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