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The Warehouse is a location that appears in Underworld: Evolution. It is part of an abandoned mining facility[1], located somewhere in the wooded mountain area outside of Budapest. It was closed years earlier due to "environmental concerns".[2]

The mining complex consists of the mine, the main building, the warehouse, and a garage. The facility is accessible from an access road turnoff that connects the mining facility to a road that goes through the mountains.

Underworld: EvolutionEdit

Selene and Michael Corvin, racing against time and the rising sun, crash their truck into the warehouse in a desperate bid to keep Selene safe from the sun's rays. Once in the warehouse, Michael tears open several cans of black paint and covers the windows with them, hoping to block out the sun. He and Selene then hide in one of the semi-trailers left behind when the mine was closed.

Safe from enemy attack for the moment, but emotions still running high, Selene and Michael act on their affections for each other, consummating their relationship in the warehouse.

The warehouse acts as protection for Selene and Michael, keeping them safe from both the sun and their enemies. After having spent the day there, Michael fixes the truck, and he and Selene then leave the warehouse.


  1. "An access road led to some sort of huge mining facility, which looked like an enormous brick warehouse built into the side of a mountain. An unmoving ore breaker climbed the slope to one side of the warehouse. Smokestacks rose from the roof of the complex, but Michael didn't see any fumes billowing from them." ~ Underworld: Evolution novelization, chapter 12
  2. "A sign posted just before the turnoff announced that the mine had been shut down due to environmental concerns, which probably explained the lack of activity." ~ Underworld: Evolution novelization, chapter 12
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