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Xristo is a Lycan slave to the Vampires. He appears in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, and is portrayed by actor Jared Turner.

Underworld: Rise of the LycansEdit

Xristo is a slave to the Vampires, overseen by the Vampire Elder, Viktor. During his time in slavery, Xristo befriends Lucian, the first Lycan and a fellow slave. Xristo is brutally whipped by Kosta, a Vampire overseer, for taking a break, but he is saved by Lucian, who comes to his defense. Xristo and his friend Sabas are well known and pledge to help Lucian in the eventual revolt, freeing the Lycans from slavery at the hands of the Vampires. Xristo gives Lucian a large hunk of bloody rib after seeing him whipped by Kosta for saving the Vampire princess, Sonja. Under Lucian's orders, Xristo releases the slaves in the first revolt. Despite Lucian's love for Sonja, Xristo does not trust her, and worries that she will betray the location of the escaped Lycans to her father, Viktor. Xristo's distrust turns out to be needless, as Sonja does not betray the Lycans and eventually dies at her father's hands for her affair with Lucian. Xristo and Sabas fight together when Lucian leads the Lycans to attack the Vampires' the castle and survives. His fate by the time of the events of Underworld and Underworld: Evolution is unknown.

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